Red Hawk, in my opinion, is being managed by people that really don't know what's going on.

While the table games are ok, just ok, they are always crowded, and have higher mimimum bets than a lot of people want to play. They also leave a lot of tables closed (while bragging about how many tables they have), which keeps the open ones very crowded.

So let's talk about the slots. While some people get lucky, and win money, most of these "promoted" wins are one time wins. Sure, some of those winners come back and continue to play, and the casino uses that to show that people are winning, but many are just one time visitors. There are 1 or 2 people that win all the time, there are 1,000's that don't win, ALL THE TIME.

When you play slots, especially the better odds slots like video poker or keno, you don't expect to lose, and lose, and lose. If you keep playing you will lose what you put in eventually, but not in 1/2 hour.

There are many many reviews about people going to Red Hawk, spending $200 in 1/2 hour playing 50-cents a pull at video keno. That's just crazy. It's no fun to walk in with 100 bucks, hoping to get an hour or 2 of play, and leaving in 5 minutes.

If you play all the time, with 7-10% house edge, then you should be winning back 93%-90% of the money you played on average. That just doesn't happen here. (not just me, ask anyone that goes there a lot if they still go there!)

This casino is local to many people, and many of us used to go there almost daily. It's nice to go in, have a drink, sit down for a bit. Now we go once a week, if that. Pretty soon, we won't be going at all anymore. Many of our friends that like to gamble will not go there anymore either. Way to go Red Hawk, alienate the locals. It would be nice to get a free meal now and again, but that leads to the next section...players club.

They don't track everything you play. We kept track of how much money we spent, and what we tracked was a lot higher than what they recorded. They claim some machines only track half, and that maybe our card wasn't in all the way? I don't know, just seems to me that it's not being tracked correctly.

The rewards are getting worse and worse every month. It's almost impossible to get enough comps on your card to get food or any other kind of reward. I wouldn't even bother with this rewards center. I'm a big fan of players clubs, but this one gives you almost nothing. The free coffee press they gave us? Flimsy and doesn't work right. Just an example.

Drinks at the bar - well, they have raised the price 3 times on drinks since they opened. Its almost $5.00 for a domestic beer now. Are they that hard up? I know they laid off a bunch of their employees...

The music is mostly ok, but they have had some really horrible bands. They should be embarrassed by some of them. Problem is, they have them play all week. There were people actually booing one band, and they let them play ALL WEEK. Sad.

The buffet, right before it opened, was bragged to be one of the best and would compare to ANY Las Vegas buffett. Sadly, this buffet really sucks. Most of the food is tasteless, luke warm, and sometimes not very fresh. They have an omelet bar in the mornings that do a pretty good job, and the desserts are pretty good, but they really have to work on the food. It's definitely not worth the $18.00. Jackson Rancheria has a MUCH better buffet.

Kyoto Grill - This is one of the best values in the casino. It's good food for a good price (last time I checked). If you order the New York steak, and order it medium, you will get it more medium rare. This is fine with me, but I kept ordering it medium rare and getting it raw. Order it medium well if you want true medium. The food here is fine, and there is a great view from the window seats. However, they have decided to close this restaurant 2 or 3 days a week. WHY? Money, again, of has great prices, why give the customer something good all the time?

The steakhouse - very good, very expensive, nice place for a fancy birthday or party.

There are good things about this casino. The people are very nice, the kidsquest is nice. Its easy to get to, easy to park. If its crowded, you have to wait in line for an elevator . There are no stairs except for emergencies. Contrary to other reviews, its very smoky upstairs on crowded nights, but the downstairs is very fresh.

I predict a steady decline for Red Hawk unless they clean house and start trying to be like a real casino instead of raping people for their money and hoping they will come back.

Gambling is fun, and most understand you don't go to win. You hope to win, but at the very least you go to have fun. Having all your money taken in a matter of minutes is NOT fun.

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