Since Winstar has gotten so large, the slot payouts are horrible. Yes, they are into making money, but when you put $100 in a machine and get (maybe) $5 or $10 these are not acceptable payouts.

I walked around the casino and very, very few machines had much money on them at all. If they don't payout some, how can customers keep playing? Very few bells going off even when the place is crowded.

If you want to have a great time AND have a better chance at leaving with some money, CHOCTAW is the place to go. It's smaller and the payouts and JACKPOTS are alot better.

Winstar has gotten too large, and they have too big of an overhead, plus BEING GREEDY WITH PAYOUTS. Its' worth the extra drive to Choctaw to have more fun, and have a chance to play the slots for a longer time. Thanks.

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