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Thread: Are Server Based Gaming Systems Heading the Gaming Industry Down a Slippery Slope?

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    Question Are Server Based Gaming Systems Heading the Gaming Industry Down a Slippery Slope?

    After watching Mr. Bourie’s video about how to win on slot machines, we do have a question. In regards to Server Based Gaming (SBG), we understand the payout percentages on any machine can be changed from the central server that is controlled by the casino, rather than having to physically change the chip in each machine. Why would this industry that makes billions of dollars, that can blow up their hotel/casino and build a bigger one on top of it with the billions it’s already made, want to cast a darker cloud over it? Why would the law or gaming commission allow this? In other words, there are already so many people that are so skeptical about the gaming industry and this will clinch it for them, if they feel big brother can “throw that switch” at peak times. Even though you said they can’t do this while a player is playing, big deal? What does this accomplish except for more controversy? I believe Aria is one casino that needs this system - we will never gamble at that casino or any that need this system. Do you know the others that already have SBG?

    We have read a few articles that just talk about all the perks for the player, like immediately looking at your player’s account or pressing a button for a cocktail waitress or making reservations at a restaurant - nice amenities but again, big deal! But considering what the casino gains, that seems like just a big sham. It took us a long time and a lot of research (and playing) to feel really comfortable with Video Poker and now this comes along and even though we can see the payouts on each screen, it still does not make us feel “comfortable.” If you play VP and you walk away for a minute and come back, you can easily see if someone “flipped the switch,” but slot players will not have that luxury. And what will SBG do to anybody’s list of what an average slot machine pays out over a year’s time? Just because the law says they can’t “flip that switch” while you‘re playing, doesn’t mean they won’t. Is it really as easy as a mouse click?

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    Casino gamblers certainly are a suspicious bunch. so I can understand your concerns about server based gaming.

    However, I think it's just a matter of time before SBG becomes the standard in the gaming industry. The only thing that is holding it back right now is that it's very expensive for a casino to make the cahnge-over. As time goes on, however, I think the costs will go down.

    Thiis means that you will just have to trust your friends at the casinos to "do the right thing" when they have SBG throughout their casinos.

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    Question Re: Are Server Based Gaming Systems Heading the Gaming Industry Down a Slippery Slope

    As much as we hate to admit it, we have to agree with you Steve, that SBG will be the standard in years to come. We knew a lot of people that were dead against ticket-in, ticket-out and now those same people could never go back to coins. Hopefully, this will work out the same way.

    The reason we are a little concerned/skeptical about Server Based Gaming, especially the casinos in California, is because every one of them has a representative of the Gaming Commission onsite. Let’s say the name of Casino “X‘s” CEO is Paul Ryan - if anyone asks the onsite Gaming Commission Representative who his boss is, he would say, “Paul Ryan.” Why would anyone trust a casino with SBG that has this attitude?

    In the State of Nevada, does anyone know if a Gaming Commission Representative will have to be present when a casino, with SBG, wants to change the payouts on any machine? Again, does anyone know the list of 20 casinos worldwide that already have SBG? We have seen it at Aria and Cosmopolitan and found that the Monte Carlo had a trial run of it some time ago.

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    I have heard that Barona Casino near San Diego has server-based games.

    I have also heard that they run a promotion on Saturday nights where each SBG machine suddenly displays a horse race and the player at each machine gets to choose their own horse.

    Then, a race is run and whichever players chose the winning horse in the race, each gets to share in $10,000 in freeplay. The winnings are automatically downloaded to each winning player's machine.

    Sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun to me!

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    We received this information from IGT about the latest with SBG systems. We have also attached the links for the news releases from IGT about Gun Lake Casino of Wayland, Mich, the Cannery Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas and the Otoe Missouri Tribe. We haven’t received anything from Bally Technologies.

    News Releases | IGT News Room

    News Releases | IGT News Room

    News Releases | IGT News Room

    “The Otoe Missouria tribe joins a growing roster of customers who are gaining a competitive edge with IGT's server-based system. sbX(R) is currently installed at ARIA at CityCenter and Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, and it will be installed at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Also in the United States, the sbX(R) Tier One package is currently installed at Ameristar St. Charles Casino Resort, Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, Barona Resort and Casino, Colusa Casino, FireKeepers Casino, MGM Grand Detroit, Motor City Casino Hotel, IP Biloxi Casino Resort and The Orleans Hotel and Casino. And on an international scale, sbX(R) is installed at Casino d'Evian in France and Grand Casino Helsinki in Finland, as well as Casino de la Vallee and Casino di Venezia in Italy.”

    “IGT Advantage(R) is a suite of systems products that provide casinos with advanced Bonusing, ticketing and cashless solutions as well as other powerful casino management tools. The solution is built on a modern architecture, and is suitable for a range of casino sizes - everything from a single site, to multi-site casinos, to large-scale enterprises around the world.”

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