It still amazes me that people will still visit this casino knowing or not knowing that the video poker machines are false and not true poker machines as they are in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut. The video poker machines are controlled by a central computer system in Albany and are in actuality, a scratch off lottery ticket. The payback percentage is 92% and yet people rush off to play a system that is destined to make you a LOSER. I simply do not understand it. The machines are programmed to pay off a certain number of winners. The games are a farce; a scam. Although, one may be playing a 9/6 Jacks or Better machine, which with correct strategy would pay 99.5%; these machines do not pay that at all. I simply do not understand why New York State went in this direction and not use the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR machines that are used in the States previously mentioned. If they did, I would probably return but not the way they are featured now as VIDEO LOTTERY TERMINALS. STAY AWAY!

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