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Thread: Florida penny slots at non-casinos

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    ray berra Guest

    Default Florida penny slots at non-casinos

    interested in as much information as someone may have about these penny slots which pay off in gift coupons. in southwest fla we are being overran by this type of machine. who controls, how are they set who makes these machines, tax considerations and are they worth the effort.

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    Steve Bourie Guest

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    Those machines are not regulated by anyone and you take your chances when you play them.

    We have had them here in Broward County for about five years. The county police arrested the operator of one facility, but she was found innocent by a jury.

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    Rick Zanetti Guest

    Default Re: florida penny slots

    I'm interested in obtaining some information about these gambling penny slot type arcades that are popping up in Southern Fla, especially in the Fort Myers area.

    I currently reside in Mich. but as I was there in Fort Myers vacation this past week I could'nt help notice the many casino type places that are there in these strip malls. It was beautiful !

    I'd appreciate any information you can share with me about purchasing or leasing these machines and what I have to do to get started in obtaining permits, licensing, ect....
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    Steve Bourie Guest

    Default Re: florida penny slots

    There is some question about the legality of those machines.

    Some Florida counties have been trying to shut them down. Therefore, I believe you would need to check with officals in the particular county where you wanted to operate them.

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