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Thread: Birthday giveaway promotions at Las Vegas casinos?

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    carole Guest

    Default Birthday giveaway promotions at Las Vegas casinos?

    I will be in Vegas for my birthday in Sept. Anyone know which casinos give stuff on your birthday? Last year I got a free dinner at Todai Restaurant at the Aladdin.

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    bonnie Guest

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    my birthday is june 18 does anyone know of any of the 5 casinos in wendover, nevada that gives out any birthday free stuff, discounts, etc.

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    Marty Guest

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    Fitzgeralds will add 500 points to your account if you earn 1 point within 14 days before or after your birthday. Four Queens will give you a 2 for 1 voucher for Magnolia's during birthday month. Coast Casinos (Gold Coast or Orleans) will add 2500 points for earning one point. Check with player's clubs, but these were true in April.

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    Default Re: Birthday giveaway promotions at Las Vegas casinos?

    Each week on the web site we list all of the best casino promtions in Las Vegas in the "Vegas Values" column.

    At the bottom of the list we have a compilation of all the promotions that are in effect on a continuing basis.

    Look for the promotions that have a smiley face next to them. Those are all of the birthday promotions.

    To visit the Vegas Values page, go here -

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