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Thread: Junkets to the Bahamas?

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    melvin pascual Guest

    Default Junkets to the Bahamas?

    Do you know of any Junkets to Nassau, Bahamas, from Orlando, Fla.??



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    Steve Bourie Guest

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    I think that any casino rep can send you on a junket to the Bahamas if you are willing to gamble al ot of money in the casino.

    I would just do a google seach on 'casino junket reps.'

    If you are instead looking for daily junkets speonsored by the Bahamian casinos then I think that you are out of luck. Those were stopped many years ago.
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    Linda O. Guest

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    Check out the Orlando Sentinel's Sunday travel section, sometimes there are junkets mentioned.

    Steve Black is an Orlando rep for the Crystal Palace he hosts junkets to Nassau about once a month from Sanford and Jacksonville. His trips are great! The website is
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    Default Re: Junkets to the Bahamas?

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