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  • ACG Coupons

    Going to Vegas next week. Thought I read somewhere that there are some ACG coupons that have to be left in the book to be valid? Don't really want to carry the book around with me.

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    Re: ACG Coupons

    You can see list of coupon changes here:


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      Re: ACG Coupons

      Carol ... A word of caution ...

      Steve's ACG 'list of changes' doesn't mention that the GVR (and possibly others) will still want to see the FEAST coupon IN the book.

      Same warning for all of the Cannery and Rampart coupons. These two locales have lately become sticklers for at least 'seeing' the book. And since the new Eastside Cannery will be eventually be accepting the ACG - Nevada Palace coupons ... it might be the same policy there.


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        Re: ACG Coupons

        Thanks so much for the information. Looks like I'll be taking the book with me. I'll definitely be going to GVR so will let you know when I get back if it was required.


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          Re: ACG Coupons

          As well as the matchplay coupons at Ellis Island.

          This year I started ripping the book at its binding and taking the coupon section out of the book with the heavy page that includes the identity card on top. That page keeps things from wrinkling up. I leave the identity card in place still mounted right in its page, and just carry the whole thing with me.

          I take out the whole thing and plop it on the blackjack table and then just like with the POV, I ask first whether they are honoring the coupon before I take my time getting it out.

          Actually, at Ellis Island I ask twice to be sure, telling dealers that I think they should check because I don't want to remove it if I can't use it. Finally, usually, someone is kindly reassuring or just gets exasperated with all my worry that the thing won't be any good. Either way I'm happy. Hey, they reap what they sow.

          At the dollar store I bought a little plastic handled boxcutter (remember to put it in checked luggage) and I carry that when I remember, but the coupons come out pretty easily if the paper is first outlined with the point of a strong ballpoint pen. In lieu of perforation, that determines the rip direction.

          Oh, I also cut out the index page and paste it somewhere in the book for easy reference.

          Then I don't have to consider the whims of these stupid casinos that advertise in order to make us feel good and then harrass us when we come to use one little lost leader coupon.

          I was amazed how the psychology works. For example, at Ellis Island I used to feel pretty good about all the coupons for drinks and the matchplays, stay and play video poker a while, eat. I brought friends there to use their coupons and they would end up staying and paying blackjack. We would all laugh at how we ended up paying so much for our free coupon.

          After the continuing saga of the episodes with Pete ( reminds me of the 'no soup for you' Seinfeld episode) I don't have that warm, fuzzy feeling at Ellis Island anymore. I drop in on my way to some other place, play a matchplay, and off I go again. They would have done better not to have the coupons at all.