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Question on free spins in bonus rounds on slot machines

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  • Question on free spins in bonus rounds on slot machines

    Someone wrote me the below question about free spins in the bonus rounds on slot machines. Following it is my answer.

    QUESTION: Sometimes or maybe most of the time when you get free spins years ago the machine would just keep spinning. I notice now that they just stop and wait are lets say you get 11 it spins 2x then it just stops and u wait and wait, are u suppose to spin or is it better to let the machine spin. Since I realize the milli-second what should one do in your next u-tube please explain because I'm not the only one with this question.

    ANSWER: I believe that it doesn't matter whether you push the button, or let it spin on its own. The results will be different because the RNG will stop at a different time. However, the odds will be the same whichever way you choose to do it.

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    Re: Question on free spins in bonus rounds on slot machines

    There was also a follow-up to my response:

    QUESTION: Yes, that’s what I was referring to. Many of the machines I play still have it.

    It is as you describe. I see people checking it before they sit down to play. If it’s had many hits or high pay outs recently they skip it and try another slot.

    I thought you may be able to explain it and in more detail. Also, is there any advantage to having this knowledge before playing a particular machine.

    My first impression was that it might be. You say they removed it, but it’s still is on the slots at the Oxford casino in Maine. The slots there are of modern vintage and being changed for new ones regularly. One thing I did notice was that, that feature becomes deactivated as soon as you put in money or your rewards card. It only works when you just walk up and press the information button that displays the pays and stats etc.

    ANSWER: That information really won't be of much help to you because it will only tell you what happened in the past and not what will happen in the future.