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2 scary banking slot machine stories

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  • 2 scary banking slot machine stories

    On my trip out west I had 2 banking stories that I would like to share.

    The first was on a nickel Green Stamps game at Harrahs Rincon. Someone left it with 1258 stamps on it. I had to decide if it was worth going after the 10 free spins at 2400. Since I was ahead for the trip, I decided to go for it.

    To make a long story short, I put in $60 and got 1,665 nickels on the 10 free spins and ended up with $85. I would rather play the penny version.

    the second was with a $1 Goodtimes machine at the Peppermill 8 days later. Now I never play a dollar slot machine unless it has 8 or 9 stacks at Double or triple diamond mine. I needed to play 2 credits at a time on this machine. I was pouring $20 bills into this machine like crazy and I had gotten burned at the Rio on these quarter games in the past, so the sweat was pouring in when I had $190 into the machine. I was going to stick it out. Then it came. 2 2bars and the goodtimes X for $240. A plus.

    I was not used to putting in that kind of money just for a banking machine. Fortunately I had just completed my $120 freeplay into $115 and a couple of days earlier I had collected $95 on $100 free play at Gold Dust West in Carson City. I was playing on the casinos money we had earned on last years trip.

    It goes to show that you have to be lucky because I know I could have easily lost on both of those games.

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    Re: 2 scary banking stories

    The higher the denomination the more profitable the banking machine is.......and that's not even counting the fact that higher denomination slot machines have a better overall payback percentage.

    A $1 greenstamps machine, played at the same standards that a knowledgable player would play the penny machines, is at least 100 times more profitable than the penny machines. There are guys I know that were making several hundred dollars per 'play' at the 1.00 greenstamp machine at NY NY this summer. You just have to be willing to go a little deeper into your wallet to see it through.

    The downside is that it's much tougher to find good plays on the 1.00 banking machines, because they're not as common, and because it takes hundreds of dollars spread over several customers, to build them up to playable levels.

    Also, the Golden Monkeys are legitimately good banking machines, but you can't play them with less than 2 lit steps if you expect to win consistently.

    The Good Times banking game is one of the worst, because the banking levels are achieved too easily..........the appropriate amount of 'dues' were not paid to get the game to a high level, and the guy who swoops in to capitalize on what looks like an advantageous situation, often gets punished by the game, financially.
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