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  • video poker ? help

    i hit a royal flush on nickels 200dollars the slot guy said if i was playing 25cents i would of hit 1000 dollaers is that true or 5 cent and 25 cent not the same

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    Re: video poker ? help

    A royal pays 4000 coins (unless progressive), so yes in both cases---$200 or $1000.

    And if you played a dollar machine & hit, that's 4 grand.

    Some lucky guy ay MGM Detroit today playing Triple Double

    hit 4 Aces w/kicker for a cool 4 grand, playing 5 bucks per hand on a $1.00

    machine. He was dealt 3 ACES & CAUGHT THE CASE ACE & A KICKER.


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      Re: video poker ? help

      Congratulations on your first royal.

      In order to maximize your long term return you should always play full coin. In the case of single line video poker that means 5 coins at all times. Failure to play full coin reduces your expected return from 99.55% to 98.28% on 9/6 JOB, a reduction of a 1.27%.

      The payoff schedule for the royal is:

      1 coin ---------250 coins
      2 coins-------- 500 "
      3 coins-------- 750 "
      4 coins--------1000 "
      5 coins--------4000 "

      Note the large difference in your payoff for a royal when you put the 5th coin in.