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Slot Machines How to WiNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Slot Machines How to WiNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't Play Them.

    Talk about an Oxy Moron, if you think you are going to beat the casino playing slots, think again! You can always lead a horse to water, but..... you can't teach em how to gamble.

    So, if you just have to play, at least try to play in a casino that offers decent returns, preferably off strip and play the machines with the lower payouts for the jackpot, then you might have a chance to hit it once in a while.

    I love it when someone beats ts the pants off the casino, but it's a rarity. You might be that one in a million, but more likely you'll be one on the 999,999,000 losers.

    So, learn how to play Video Poker, Table Games, and take a look at sports betting. All the Guru's including those we have come to know and love, spend their gambling bucks on sports betting.. But that takes knowledge and a working understanding of handicapping. It's a daily en-devour.

    But for those who just cant resist that one armed bandit I say, Good Luck! Because that's the only way you're ever going to win.

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    Re: Slot Machines How to WiNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are hundreds upon hundreds of +EV slot machines in this country.

    You could not be more wrong.

    Have gambled professionally for 20 years on sportsbetting, video poker, AND slots..................many on this forum know me personally.


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      Re: Slot Machines How to WiNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

      While Video Poker and Table Games are the best shot at actually creating a return, slots can be a blast.

      The ones with the bonus games tend to be fun. It's all about money management and creating sessions and limits in my opinion.


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        Winning at slot machines often requires a combination of luck and understanding the game's mechanics, including payout rates and bonus features. For a great selection of slot machines and exciting bonus opportunities, check out Woo Casino, where players can enjoy a top-notch gaming experience.