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Generous offerings from the Orleans this summer

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  • Generous offerings from the Orleans this summer

    About a month ago, I received a targeted mailer from the Orleans for 2 free nights anytime in June or July, including $25 dining credit, plus another 2 free nights Sunday-Weds with $25 dining credit between June 30 and July 10, with a stipulation that 72 hours (3 days) must elapse between reservations. This is great because the Orleans is one of the 3 or 4 casinos I'd most want to stay at in Vegas and is great for people like us who drive to Vegas and bring our kids, with the Kids' Tyme, bowling alley, pool, etc. and decent sized rooms.

    I used the first 2 nights to book Friday and Saturday, July 5 and 6, since those were the most expensive that the rate qualified for during our already planned visit to Las Vegas, and the second 2 nights for June 30 and July 1, leaving on July 2.

    I was pretty surprised for such a generous deal, because I am a red B Connected member but I really don't play very much in the way of slots - usually I will play video poker when I have some kind of promo such as from ACG that gives me what I perceive to be positive expected value, but I don't really enjoy playing slots or VP all that much so I often cash out as soon as I have played through the promo. I'll sometimes play table games or bet on sports but nowhere near enough to be worth getting rated for. My red card has all of 62 points on it, but they sent me the mailer anyway.

    Then I looked for and found my red card and enrolled it in the B Connected Online website. Just for doing this, they offered me another
    2 nights. So I booked July 3 and 4. This was a bit complicated because there was a bug on their website that wouldn't let me book any nights at all. I had to click on the website help link and the director of marketing set me up with the reservation I wanted. I just had to call and give my credit card number over the phone to keep the reservation (not sure why, since the room is free, but whatever)

    In other words I now have 6 out of 7 free nights on three separate reservations, including $50 (or maybe $75?) dining credits. I'll have to book another 1 night, either at the Orleans or somewhere else since I'll be solo that night, but this is pretty fantastic for a low roller such as myself, and at some level it makes me hope that the golden goose isn't dying.

    For the one night I need to buy, for a change of pace, I might try one of the great offers they have right now one of the other Boyd casinos, with breakfast included. Whereever it is, I don't expect to pay more than about $40.

    The offers do not explicitly state whether the resort fee is waived. I'm guessing it won't be, but at the orleans it's $6 a night, which I can afford.

    Normally, if I'm spending a week in vegas with my family (most of the time), I'd prefer a timeshare resort with a kitchen, but "free" is enough to change my mind.
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    Re: Generous offerings from the Orleans this summer

    I'm currently at Java Vegas in the Orleans, halfway through exploiting these offers. For those who received the postcard in your physical mailbox and also the promo by registering your B Connected card online, here are some facts learned through experience:

    1. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not asked to pay the resort fee for any of the nights.
    2. Only the postcard offers come with the $25 dining credit. The B Connected online signup promo is only a free room.
    3. I'm not sure how rigidly they are enforcing the "3 nights between reservations" rule printed on the post card. Given that I had a lot to lose with the end of my trip having the highest value (now up to $120 and $90 per night for Friday and Saturday, respectively, after substantial B connected discounts), I kept my postcard reservations 3 days apart.
    4. However, they do not seem to mind you piggybacking the 2-night online signup promo within the 3-night window between postcard stays. I checked in today for the postcard promo for the nights of July 3 and 4, whereas my second postcard stay is for July 5 and 6, and the clerk saw both my reservations and set me up for a stay for all 4 nights, no questions asked.
    5. The dining credit need not be used in a single meal. However it must be used during the 2 day stay, anywhere on property except the chocolate shop or the liquor store.
    6. In my B connected online account, I now see room offers basically identical to the postcard offer (including the $25 dining credit) except that they are for Sept 1-12 and Aug 1-Sept 30. They certainly don't seem to be discouraging people from piggybacking these into a single longer stay.
    7. I had my first reservation for Sunday and Monday. However, I called and explained that I didn't want to drive up from LA through the Mojave Desert on Sunday because it was going to be too hot that afternoon (it reached 119 degrees) and I'd rather drive up early the next morning. The reservation was changed to arrive Monday without a problem, but it was only for 1 night. Because of the 3 night window rule, I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth and see if I could extend it until Wednesday.

    For Tuesday night, the one night I didn't have a reservation, I ended up staying at the Suncoast, which is a very nice property with very nice large rooms (550 s.f.). My $43 rate (all in, including tax and resort fee, a la carte without food credits via b connected) yielded a south-facing room on the 9th floor (out of 10 in the building) with a panoramic view of the golf course to the right and the strip off in the distance to the left. I could have saved up to $12 by going to the Gold Coast or Sam's Town, but I have no regrets.

    And last but not least, in my online account there was an offer for a $25 even money table bet, no strings attached. Which I am happy to say that I won! And I played my ACG $10 match play coupon, doubled down with an 11 against a 9, and the dealer busted that time too.

    To recap, I have spent a total of $43 for 7 nights of lodging, including $50 in dining credit plus a bet credit with an expected value of about $24.
    However one night I couldn't use because I couldn't get here in time and I did have to switch hotels twice, which I didn't mind doing. They are casting a wide net; I am a very low rolling player with no special status in B connected, and mostly gamble when I have a coupon from the ACG or the slot club that gives me positive expected value.

    In summary, the folks at Boyd are dangling some pretty generous offers this summer without any bait and switch. Their product is consistently a great value and family friendly, for those such as yours truly who are comfortable bringing our kids to a casino.
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