Runs July 1st through Oct 1st 2012

Visit any of the 18 Total Rewards destinations to earn "CheckPoints" and receive up to 75,000 Reward Credits to do more of the things you love like shopping, dining, nights out and so much more. Just remember you have to earn at least 25 Tier Credits at each destination. The more destinations you visit, the more you can earn.

Visit unique destinations within the offer period, earn 25 Tier Credits at each individual destination to receive "Checkpoints" ■ 25 Tier Credits need to be earned in a promotional day or a CheckPoint will not be earned. Partial credits earned do not carry

Receive 6 to 7 CheckPoints and receive 10,000 Reward Credits
Receive 8 to 10 CheckPoints and receive 25,000 Rewards Credits
Receive11 to 14 CheckPoints and receive 50,000 Reward Credits
Receive 15+ CheckPoints and receive 75,000 Rewards Credits