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Greetings From Las Vegas.

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  • Greetings From Las Vegas.

    Well, here we go again! Armed with ACG coupons, and a bunch of other ones.

    You can get some good ones from the LV Sun and the throw away ad rags.

    I'll tell ya how it was.

    I'm goin in, I'm gonna win, in Sin City!

    Fingers Fanny, Diamond Jim, ain't got a hope in Hell, cause I'm comin in!

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    Re: Greetings From Las Vegas.

    Coupons can often turn the corner. Go get 'em.

    Gobs of good luck.



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      Re: Greetings From Las Vegas.

      I'm back.

      $10 Match Play Ellis Island....No. Dealer hit blackjack.

      $10 Matchplay East Side Cannery.... Score! Me A6 Dealer 9, hit it anyway, 14, Dealer busted.

      $5 Matchplay Ellis Island (from place mat in restaurant..) Me..Black Jack!

      $10 Matchplay #2 ACG (wife) No Good,. dealer 12, wife 9. Hit to 17 ( , Dealer hit to 18.

      Main Street Station 241 $13.99 total for 2, Prime Rib Night! (Saturday) from FSE printable coupons. Beautiful perfectly cooked prime rib with all the trimmings. MSS now only allows one 241 buffet coupon per person per year. Coupon traders beware!

      Ellis Island, 241 menu item (ACG). Blackened Salmon (me) Shrimp Scampi (wife) Total $10.99 No issue on the fact these were not entrees, but specials (see blackboard at restaurant entrance).

      Ellis Island Two free drinks each within one hour(4 total) (ACG Coupon) 2 16 oz hard lemonade
      2 16oz micro brew beers Free! Saturday and Friday. (hard lemonade there isn't cheap!)

      The ACG book already has paid for itself, and then some!

      Even though we went negative on the match plays, the free drinks and menu items made up for it.

      Match play coupons are the only way,. other than card counting or cheating, that the player can have a positive expectation over the casino. Over all I'm well ahead on the total take over time.

      The ACG coupon book = good value and some fun thrown in for good measure.


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        Re: Greetings From Las Vegas.

        Since I can't go in and add to my previous blog, I'll continue from here.

        After three days of non stop gambling, Craps, Black Jack, and Video Poker, I was down $150, but that includes tips, incidentals, cigars, buffets, restaurants, and beer and drinks purchased at the bar while not gambling. (sobering up).

        I was tired, tipsy and and broke my own rules. I knew I was in trouble when I heard myself say, "His luck has got to change" (meaning the dealer)

        My wife however, hit several WOF jackpots and did well on Video Poker and won enough to pay for the whole trip.

        But not at Arizona Charlies. The VP there did not hit once. Not Once.

        They also have a bunch of stupid little rules designed to drive you insane and never want to go there again.

        Only one incident with Arizona Charlies, they don't like it when you win.

        They get nasty and try to mess up your rhythm, and then beat you with a stick.

        What a dump!

        The East Side Cannery however has $3 Craps with 100X odds and it's very clean and nice and low smoke due to good ventilation and high ceilings. They also have 3/2 black jack and XLNT Video poker.

        Try it.

        What else? What do you want to know?

        I hate writing long TR's. I prefer Q&A