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las vegas slots approved in fl.

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  • las vegas slots approved in fl.

    las vegas style slots machines approved by governor of 11/14/07.

    State will get $100 million + from seminole indian tribe.tampa hard rock and other indian casino in

    Florida will get las vegas slots.
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    Re: las vegas slots approved in fl.

    As I recall they're also getting blackjack and baccarat while (I think unfairly) forbidding it at the racinos.


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      Re: las vegas slots approved in fl.

      The rest of the story was here, but it's now a dead link:
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        Re: las vegas slots approved in fl.

        Tight slots and video poker, 6-5 Blackjack with $$ minimum bet, no craps can hardly wait!!


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          Re: las vegas slots approved in fl.

          I could not get the link to the article to work nor could I cut and paste.

          I did find this one

          What does Las Vegas style mean? Does that mean that VP will be dealt from a 52 or 53 card virtual deck and that the paytables mean something, or will those VP machines still be just slots in disguise?


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            Re: las vegas slots approved in fl.

            Sorry, that last one is just a bit dated.
            We need a bit more time to edit our posts, Steve. I guess I timed out as I can't seem to delete or change my last post or others I have made tonight.
            If I could, I'd change the last one to


            Well, actually, I;d just stick this link in my first response and save multiple posting.


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              Re: las vegas slots approved in fl.


              I was able to delete that post for you.

              Vegas-style slots (and video poker) means that the gaming machines are Class III rather than Class II games.

              Class II games are bingo-based machines where the results are actually determined by a bingo game and the results are shown on the reels (or video poker cards) to match the results of the bingo game.

              If you played video poker on a Class II machine there was no skill involved because you were actually playing bingo. The results on a slot were also determined by a bingo game, but it wasn't as important a difference as in video poker.

              All of the Seminole casinos still have some Class II bingo-based games on the floor, but the vast majority are Class III Vegas-style games.

              I hope that clears it up for you.


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                Re: las vegas slots approved in fl.

                Thanks Steve. The way I read that is if I go to Tampa and find a machine that is Class II rather than Class III, I can decide if it is worth playing by doing paytable calculation.

                If the machines are not marked and there are a few of the bingo VP machines around, how can I tell one from the other?


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                  Re: las vegas slots approved in fl.

                  At the top of the machine, in a display window, you can see bingo balls and a bingo card.

                  You also have the option to change the bingo card to a different set of numbers by pushing a touch screen button.

                  I believe that it is especially bad to play the bingo-based video poker games because the slot club requires twice as much play to earn a point on VP rather than slots.

                  If you play bingo-based VP then it's really like playing a slot but it would require twice as much play to earn a point.

                  Keep in mind, however, that I have not confirmed this as a fact. I assume it is true, but I haven't confirmed it because I don't play the Class II games.