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  • Cheapo Vegas website sold

    Someone reported on another board that the cheapovegas website has been recently sold. Cheapo used to be a great resource for information on all things cheap in Las Vegas. I checked out the website this morning and do not like the changes that have been made to date. The new owners are obviously profit oriented and are pushing some very marginal "deals" on rooms and entertainment Their willingness and ability to keep the existing information current remains to be seen.

    Cheapo Vegas - Your Guide to a Better Vegas Vacation
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    Re: Cheapo Vegas website sold

    In response to my post about Cheapo Vegas being sold, the former owner posted the following:

    Westie is correct. As of this week, Cheapovegas, CheapoReno and CheapoTravel are under new ownership. We ran them as a hobby for twelve years, and decided that, if not now, then in a few years we would no longer be able to keep up with the city and the latest Internet technologies.

    When we owned it, nobody made a living or got paid from it (although, we paid for our hotel rooms and meals in Vegas). The bulk of the site profits went to a foundation in Mark Sinclair's name. The sale will give the foundation a lot more money, and it will be distributed to charitable causes. So, the sale is a good thing for causes like malaria treatment in Africa, distributing bicycles in the third world, equalizing funding between inner-city and suburban schools.

    As part of the sale, we negotiated to keep the Big Empire's "Las Vegas on 25 Cents a Day" pages. We even posted a new trip report , and have an epic adventure from June to come. So, that's where we'll be hanging out, making our snide comments and posting our trip reports. We aren't dead yet.

    Fred C. Dobbs


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      Re: Cheapo Vegas website sold

      Well, I wondered what had happened to the format. I've been using them as a quick index to the websites of the various casinos ( to avoid all the ads for rooms that come in a google search.)
      I now use this list:

      Oh, looking again I see that the links to deals does go directly to the hotel main sites. So that will work.

      I did not much like the i4Vegas links because changing or canceling any reservation, unlike other discount brokers, incurred a fee of $15.
      I liked the hotel bargain bin, although similar to most other recently reported hotel rates, rates mentioned rarely included the resort fee in the mathematics or in the comments section, so it was less helpful than before the resort fee fine print practices.

      It has been fun following Cheapo antics over the many years. Glad there will still be a few pages where we might find them.
      Enjoy retirement.
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