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  • Gold Spike update

    Since I gave them so much heat last year because they were the only casino downtown with a resort fee, and did not mention that on their discount coupons, I ought to give them some credit this year.
    The resort fee is still there, an untaxed $8. It includes pool and wifi.
    It is listed upfront and included in the total when you book on their site, so it won't come as a surprise.
    Clearly, they use it to appear to be the cheapest downtown when advertised, but not to fool us once we get serious about booking.
    Now that their nearest neighbor has a fee of $25 for day 8, they compete well with the El Cortez except for folks who are going to play for comped rooms. The gambling that can be measured (VP. BJ. craps?) does not compete well with the El Cortez offerings.
    In November, twice now I have found on their website, rates of $12 for weekdays and $27 for weekends, so that even the $8 resort fee keeps them as the cheapest option downtown for the dates I want to book, even if the wifi and the pool were not valued amenities.
    Also, they do not limit the length of my bookings, so I keep my flexibility. I need that next trip because I am going for 22 nights and still don't have many free offers, but will have to patch them in closer to the time.
    I would like it better if the Gold Spike just packaged the amenities into the room price, but it is a good honest step to have it very clearly in the e-mailed bill they issue, which shows the charge for the rooms, the resort fee charge, and the taxes, and then adds those up and shows an accurate final charge.
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