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For folks who make long bookings at the Gold Spike

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  • For folks who make long bookings at the Gold Spike

    Just a note to let folks know that if you are booking a long stay at the Gold Spike on a sale price on their website, but expect to shorten it if free offers come in later, book it in small bites of two or three days.
    I booked nine nights in one reservation and to alter it, I must cancel the entire reservation and rebook at three times the low rate I got a month ago.
    I did not know that their own website acts more like a discounter than like a direct booking by phone call to the desk.
    So now that the Orleans finally decided to give me a couple free nights, I have to decide whether to skip them this trip or double book, since I have no hope of matching the Gold Spike sale price this late in the game.
    Had I booked in bits of two and three nights, I could have saved myself $45 by simply canceling one of those smaller two night reservations.

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    Re: For folks who make long bookings at the Gold Spike

    I called again today and they could do what they could not do yesterday. So I managed to drop two nights and save $45 and not be double booked.
    This has been the most confusing booking period I have had in all my Vegas trips. Just one snafu after another.
    I'd still book in small bits next time. If I could have done this on line myself, it would have been a lot easier. The computer was not working for the clerk and for a long while she could not even find my reservation. I can see she is stressed. Nice girl, however.