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  • Poker Rates Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods

    I read that through attrition Mohegan Sun is down 600 workers this year and Foxwoods just abruptly layed off 700 people.

    So I wonder why it is so hard to capture a room rate for poker play.

    I called the Poker Room at Mohegan and then transferred me to the registration desk (well, Ed did not know how to transfer me, actually I just called again). The first desk girl hung up when I did not have my Mohegan Sun number right available.
    I called back and again they went in search of my Mohegan Sun number. I have no idea why.

    Finally, after a lot of talk that ran around in circles I got Mary at some registration deck, and she knew what I was talking about, so here are the details:

    S-Th Rate is $79 Weekend rate is $159.
    6 hours of play is required at 10/20 limit or above.


    The last time I talked to Foxwoods about the same issue, they told me that I should come and play and then ask the supervisor if there were any "rooms available" and if there were, I could get the poker rate.

    So they think I want to drive 3 hours on the chance they might have a room for me? And if they don't, what then? Drive back?


    Instead I'll start looking for a cheap motel. That will give me plenty of flexibility in how long and with whom I play poker.


    Also, these "local" places looking for new patrons need to think about what they are offering. I understand that they can't offer me free rooms at any time in the next 6 months after 6 hours of play, and a free room for quads (even with one in my hand) like I get a Laughlin. Weekends included, by the way although that is their competition. And I don't have to worry about my bankroll as they offer it in a 2-6 spread limit game.

    (That means I can recoup my plane fare by going to Laughlin for one weekend to play poker.)

    Okay, so Connecticutt is not Nevada.

    But my kid likes MGM and since he started playing hours of poker there everytime he visits, he generally can always catch a room rate of $60. That is Vegas, high end, on the strip. And they tell him the rates easily over the phone. He just talks to one person. It is not a bait and switch come on. I don't even think they require him to prove his play. They know his play at MGM.


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    Re: Poker Rates Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods


    While I'm not a high limit player nor a tournament player, last time in Laughlin for 3 nights I probably played 15 hours or so in the game at the Tropicana Express.

    They, of course, gave me $1.50 an hour (or something similar to it - very generous in calculating my time at the table).

    We're headed back that way soon. At my level of play, should I be contacting poker rooms about hotel rooms?

    Thanks for any info or names.



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      Re: Poker Rates Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods

      I made my first poker trip to Laughlin this year. I did not play at Tropicana Express so I don't know their policies, but I would always contact for poker room rates. Most do not give you a run around like in Connecticutt. If they do, just call back in an hour. Most of the numbers are free so when I don't get the right answer the first time, I just call again. In the case of poker room rates, however, you have to find just the right person. Poker room people probably know best but they are always so busy.

      Where I played was River Palms. For 6 hours of play they issued me one free night certificate good for any night except those blacked out because of some special festival. Also for each 4OAK, even those when I only held one card, I received a certificate. They add up.

      In addition I "seeded" for mailings there and the seeds bore fruit. My slight VP play has generated free night offers which I think I can group with the poker offers. The way I look at it, I should be able to get a week of free rooms there and pay for any others at a very cheap rate.

      You are allowed to book there, play poker, and then negotiate your rooms based on your certificates.

      And what the heck, your initials are the same, right?

      That being said the River Palms is way up on the end of the riverwalk so many may just not want to go up there.

      However, the Colorado Belle has a similar game and as far as I know there was no similar offer. Also the Belle has been criticized lately for its promos and it dropped some of the benefit of full pay VP just before I went which is why I did not bother "seeding" that place.

      My buddy had reported that the ACG 2 for 1 coupons worked for 50% off in Laughlin, but that did not happen for me. The Acquarius would not give me a break. I did not get to Harrah's. I see you are not going alone. I sure wish these casinos would get the idea that a 50% break for a solo gamber on food can bring in business. I play where they honor coupons or give me good deals.

      I do not play high stakes or tournaments. I play that 2-6 game or a 2-4 game. I might drift into no limit on those games where you get an "over" button if the opponents seemed easy to beat, but I did not do that last trip. I loved the spread game. One blind, attractive to newbies, and those that did have "over" buttons played tight for a limit game and entertained me when I folded.

      ONe of the hardest tihings about playing at the River Palms and the Belle is trying to figure out what their promos are. It could take half an hour to explain everything as they rake $2 just for promotions and have so many rules it is nuts. I caught four 3's with 2 in my hand and when I showed the dealer said, "Oh, that is worth an extra hundred dollars because a picture card is on the board."
      And I played ten hours before I heard about the free room offers even though I asked and asked about promotions. The key is to take some time and ask about all the promotions before you play.
      Watch the times on pocket aces. And ask especially ahead of times on this one because you don't want to ask when you have them.
      Also, once I played no limit at Lucky's in Tampa and they had an aces cracked $100 promo which my opponent did not know until he folded his on the river when I bet $50. I was pi$$ed because had he known he would have called and both of us would have split the promo money. Instead he folded to my full house., so we lost.


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        Re: Poker Rates Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods

        I just got a note from Tropicana Express on some room deals.
        Since this has drifted well off topic, I'll put them in a new post. Look for Tropicana Express room deal.


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          Re: Poker Rates Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods


          Thank you for the information.