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Dirty Joke SHow @ Rio- Cancelled?

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  • Dirty Joke SHow @ Rio- Cancelled?

    Does anyone have any info or confirmation of The Dirty Joke Show (featuring Geechy Guy) being cancelled at The Rio?

    I won tickets a while back, and was planning what night in October to see it. About a month ago it was on the Kings Room schedule, but as of yesterday it's no longer on the schedule.

    Steve, do you know anything about this? I just don't want to plan to see something and it not be there. Thanks.

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    Re: Dirty Joke SHow @ Rio- Cancelled?

    That show has closed.

    I will send you replacement tickets. They will be for the 2 Kings show at the Rio.


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      Re: Dirty Joke SHow @ Rio- Cancelled?

      I just found out that the 2 Kings show has also closed.

      Let me contact the person who sent us the tickets and see what he can give us as a replacement.

      I will email you privately with the details.

      Sorry for the problem!