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  • Las Vegas Daily Resort Fees Article

    Here is an interesting article about daily resorts fees at Las Vegas hotels - Vegas resorts use airlines

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    Re: Las Vegas Daily Resort Fees Article

    Such a strange definition of "bundle." It seems to me that "bundle" is what the Super 8 does when the pool and parking and free transportation to the airport and free wifi and free coffee and a coin laundry is bundled in the price for the room, as it is in most hotels across the country. I don't believe for a minute that this change is based on pressure from customers. It is based on marketing analysis that showed adding these fees makes more money than using no fees as a come on. And I'm absolutely certain that all customers would agree with bundling these fees into the basic rate for the room so things are simple and clear for comparison shopping and simple and clear for comped rooms. This is not for our convenience.

    It is also for the casino a very good method of dividing the high rollers from the frugal travelers. Those with high colored cards will get free rooms and all amenites and often food and beverage free while those fugal travelers who used to score just enough points to get a mailer and a couple free nights will pay resort fees even on comped rooms. So that makes sense for the casino. and it gives them another carrot to hold up to encourage play.

    For me it probably is a deal breaker with CET rooms. My live poker play used to earn free nights, then those were watered into cheap nights and now the resort fee will make it just as cheap for me to go without any gambling to Super 8 or downtown or to Boyd where the small resort fee (not always charged anyway on B connected bookings) brings the prices down below CET properties or to Eastside Cannery. That make it just as lucrative to play poker other places. I manage to patch together deals so that my average per night cost for 25 nights is less than $20 a night.

    Soon I expect the Quad will be renovated in a way that will raise the room rates and the last frugal deal on the strip will be gone.

    Personally, my EV at Flamingo poker room was eroding anyway. CET raised all the buffet prices while Station and others lowered theirs, so my comps earned at the table are really worth half what they once were worth in food. My health doesn't allow me to drink as much so that cut my alcohol freebies by 80%.
    In a way it all frees me up to play more poker other places. The Golden Nugget does not give rooms, but I can get a ten dollar chip credit with the ACG coupon and a ten dollar food credit after four hours of play. If I remember right the rake is a dollar less there than CET as well.

    Now here is a good CET deal.

    This no fee credit card and with just a purchase every six months we can keep CET points active even if trips to Vegas are over six months apart. And for the first year, Platinum status is awarded and if you hold Platinum that means if you are comped a room, you have the option of paying the resort fee or not. At least as I understand the details.

    Meanwhile, for those rooms earned by free play on the MyVegas site through Facebook there is no resort fee charged. There is a chance to get a couple nights free at M Life strip places for gambling for free.

    As for comparing the casinos with the airlines, I think the situations are very different. Checking luggage is very different from the fitness room or pool of a casino. Most people want to check some luggage. Few people use the listed amenities of a Las Vegas Hotel. And Southwest does bundle the luggage, but bundles it into the entire fare for the ticket, not into an confusing added mandatory fee, so it is not complicated to figure what a trip will cost. The airlines that fragment that price allow folks to avoid it by not checking luggage. Nothing I see in the airlines is a mandatory extra fee imposed whether the amenity is used or not.
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      Re: Las Vegas Daily Resort Fees Article

      Now here is an interesting twist on air fare. You pay according to how much you weigh. ( Click Home for the information.)



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        Re: Las Vegas Daily Resort Fees Article

        They're all following the lead, because now it is a game of not wanting to be stuck with whom they judge to be a less profitable customer. In a way though, this is the same attitude Revel had, which doesn't make sense to copy at this time.