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  • Showboat closed

    Here is a description of the last day.

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    Re: Showboat closed

    I had stayed at the Showboat on several of my visits to Atlantic City.

    I used to go there each year in September to update my video poker story for the American Casino Guide on the best places to play. However, about four years ago I found a good contact there to do the article for me, so I stopped going.

    I always enjoyed visiting the city as long as you stayed in the boardwalk area.

    The problem, as I saw it, is that they just seemed to take players for granted and charged whatever they could get away with. For example, I was always perturbed by the fact that you had to pay to park in a casino garage.

    Also, the city got huge amounts of money from casino taxes and they never did much to improve the visitor experience.

    Unfortunately, the city is now paying for their mistakes.


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      Re: Showboat closed

      I won't be going this year. Just too busy. I like to go up in the Fall and bring my bike. That way I don't pay to park, just bike up to where I want to go. Hours for riding on the boardwalk are limited, but the back streets are easy too.
      I don't do so much anymore after dark anyway, so I never felt restricted.

      Well, we'll see what happens now.