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Michael Phelps Gambling Before DUI Arrest, Spent 8 Hours At Baltimore Casino

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  • Michael Phelps Gambling Before DUI Arrest, Spent 8 Hours At Baltimore Casino

    If you spend eight hours in a casino and get drunk, I have the feeling that you are not walking (or stumbling) away as a winner.

    Michael Phelps Gambling Before DUI Arrest, Spent 8 Hours At Baltimore Casino: Report

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    Re: Michael Phelps Gambling Before DUI Arrest, Spent 8 Hours At Baltimore Casino

    Actually, I always do much better drunk at 2-4 limit in Vegas than when I am sober. The game isn't that hard. I think drinking keeps me patient to wait for good cards and I know it "improves" my table image.

    Craps is great fun drunk.

    I don't think drinking mixes well with video poker.
    I don't think it matters for slot players. Most are not walking away winners anyway.

    However, back in 1212 (before I cut back on drinking in Vegas) I did get mad at the El Cortez when they stopped serving my brand of Myer's Rum at the low spread limit poker tables (now closed) and took my $10 freeplay to play 3 cents a pull on Texas Tea just to get served rum. I thought I'd go back to the table, but I stayed. The regulars I liked stopped over and chatted during their smoke brakes. Just four rums made me drunk, and after two hours I staggered out into a nice Vegas downtown night of music on Fremont.
    That was a very entertaining walk.

    Normally, I would find two hours of Texas Tea pretty boring.
    But I was amazed at how much I enjoyed that little armadillo hopping out and shaking his little tongue at me.

    When my sober slot players explain to me how they lost a few grand at the slots, but they had a good bit of fun, I remember how much fun an armadillo can be after a few free Myers Rum even at only 3 cents a spin, just playing the lines I could actually see.

    I cashed out $6 of the free $10, so even if we count $5 in tips, I was a winner.

    In fact, when I averaged about $40 in free alcohol a day gambling, I figured I was a winner on even the break even days. Overcoming the rake is very hard at 2-4 poker, but overcoming the loss of value in not drinking free alcohol is impossible.

    Of course, Phelps manages to be a big loser because he has to get in the automobile.
    In Vegas the solution is very simple. $35 of bus pass gets me 30 days of free all access transportation and some time to hydrate before bed.

    At Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods I can sometimes take the old folks bus and those poker rooms serve Myer's rum, but if I drive I just stop drinking eight hours before I'm going to leave. Or have a nearby room with a free shuttle.
    Well, these days I drink a lot less although I will say Mohegan has some of the best red wine comped and that lowers my blood sugar.
    Mohegan makes me mad because they won't comp Perrier water. I can get alcohol, but not seltzer. Since more of my drinking now is seltzer (Golden Nugget poker room in Vegas is just great on Perrier) I carry in my own at 75 cents for a bottle of Polar Raspberry Mojito or Pomegranate Sangria.
    However, taking seltzer rather than rum doesn't improve my limit game.
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