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  • Nevada State Museum

    The museum is located at the Springs Preserve. The entry fee is a bit steep for tourist adults, $19; However all children under 18 are free.
    Planning Your Visit to the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas

    Recently the Nevada state fossil was named Iris in this contest
    Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas Holds Contest to Name Giant Fossil

    "In 1977 Nevada designated the ichthyosaur (Shonisaurus popularis) as the state fossil. The very large marine reptile lived about 225 million years ago during the Triassic Period, and though ichthyosaurs existed at the same time as dinosaurs, they are marine reptiles."
    Actually Vegas was on the Western coast when this fellow was roaming the area.

    The 104 bus goes right there, so it is an easy place to access from the Orleans. I hope to make a visit this fall and I'll report my results.

    The Springs resort itself was a decent place to visit with short desert hikes full of cactus.