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Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs: It's not what it was

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  • Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs: It's not what it was

    When the casino first opened the winnings were much better. My pay out percentage is down to about 35% compared to about 65% back about two years ago..and the comps!!! Can they spare the few dollars that they give you after dropping hundreds in the machines?

    The food court and the buffet is really going downhill, I even spoke personally with the food manager who 6 months ago said he was going to improve on it. The dessert place and Ice Cream Place are a rip off're not getting your monies worth.

    Last, but not least, they've increased the floor smoking area to 50%. When the floor is about 70% full the smoke is so bad that your eyes start to burn and worst is that your breathing secondhand smoke, if you're concerned about your health stay away. Sure they have a non-smoking area but the smoke drifts all over the entire floor area.

    Overall, it's a beautiful facility, the help tries hard, but this casino management needs to get the operations back on track to where it was when it first opened its new addition in 2008. Until it does, I'll start going back to Atlantic City where the machines pay much better and they comp you very generously plus free meals, shows and free hotel rooms..A/C is worth the trip.

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