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Orleans Hotel Casino, The: Blue-collar Casino

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  • Orleans Hotel Casino, The: Blue-collar Casino

    With so many casinos in the Las Vegas area, it can be hard to pick and choose where to stay & play. To help you sift through the options and find the right one for the right occasion, I will review a different casino every week or so. The two previous casinos that I have reviewed are Encore and the Wynn. The atmosphere and clientele found there are vastly different than the Orleans. As far as casinos go, the Orleans is a hole in the wall. That can be either a good or bad thing, but for Orleans it's neither.

    A festive french quarter facade rises above the spacious parking lot. Like most Vegas architecture, this is a flimsy illusion because once inside you will find the environment rather tame. Granted, there is a semi-vibrant atmosphere and cheap drinks ($1.50 Buds at every casino bar), but the Mardi Gras debauchery is noticeably absent. Not even a hint. Single men who are not big drinkers or hardy gamblers will be better served heading to the Palms. On a positive note, there is a TGIF inside the casino and it has happy hour all day/every day, so you can nibble an appetizer and get your buzz on relatively cheap. And the Orleans is close to the strip, so it can be the spot you go to before the spot before the spot before the spot. (Fans of the movie Swingers will understand)

    I did have a disgusting experience this past Friday night when I went to the Orleans' buffet. After spending 20 bucks a pop, my party nestled in, ready to gorge ourselves on crab legs and what not. After chowing through one plate, I noticed a group of Michigan hillbillies coming our way, and sitting next to us. How do I know they were Michigan hillbillies and not from another state? Well, one hillbilly was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt; it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that. A woman in their party starting eating, and immediately started to puke. LOUD. Twice. Disgusting doesn't do the sound justice. Now you would think this lady would politely excuse herself from the table and yak in the bathroom. But no, these aren't civilized people. She just sits there and pukes at the table, letting it dribble down her Walmart sweater. And to top it off, another person slides her a full plate of food!!! I had the waitress move us away from these heathens. I also noticed that the puking woman was a tad on the slow side, so I didn't say anything to them. That does not excuse their behavior however; you don't bring up-chucking mongoloids to a buffet. You just don't.

    On a positive note, the Orleans is a working class blue-collar casino where one can gamble and get plastered without breaking the bank. Rooms are cheap, and there is an arena for sporting events. Most of the people there are friendly, and if you don't mind the occasional Michigan hick, then the Orleans might be the place for you. Though I would recommend the Silverton casino, where you get more bang for your buck.

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