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Charles Town Races Slots: Great Visit

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  • Charles Town Races Slots: Great Visit

    My husband and I have been going to CTRS for about 8 years. We go about every 3 to 6 months. The machines are not quite as loose as before they started the upgrades but it is a very nice place. Very friendly staff, good food and we usually come out ok.

    We just don't take money we are not willing to lose. Yes we always want to win but you know that can't happen. We just spent the weekend there and had a blast. We both won and have been when we lost so I'm not writting this because we won. One of us usually wins and one loses, sort of funny as to who will win and who will lose this trip.

    My husband won $1500.00 and then next day $1300.00 along with a few hits of $400 or so. I hit for $600 once and $700 once and a few smaller amounts. we did lost some but this place is nice and we always have a very nice time. I actually accidently left some money in a machine about a year ago and the staff was unbelievable about it.

    I was the idiot to forget my ticket but they did some super work and found my money and returned it to me. This place IS NOT just about taking your money. They could have just said be more careful but they helped me and were great. Just had to let some of you know that it is a nice place and wonderful people. Didn't want to just let you all read all bad reviews and really it's not like that. nice, clean and friendly.

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