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    If they would stop giving out stupid little gifts and maybe allow us to play a little on our money they would soon learn we would still feed it alll back. so they are happy and we feel like we haven't had the kiss of death!

    When you walk in with $80 and a half-hour later you are leaving the joint and you were playing a penny machine and you were playing twenty-five cents, let me see you feel a bit violated!

    Do I have anything good to say about the food? No way it sucks! The new buffet is an expensive way to one heck of a stomach ache!

    Muck needs to look around at some of the other places and maybe reconsider those little trinkets, maybe give us a little play and enjoy letting go of a little money! And for goodness sakes find some cooks! Country Buffet beats that crap!

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    Re: Muckleshoot Casino: slots

    Whoa, sorry you feel that way.

    It was about 5 years since I was there. I only play poker and eat, and I was very impressed with both!

    I thought the poker room was very well run, with some of the best "overall" dealers I've seen anywhere in the country, and I've played poker in well over 100 casino's.

    I even spoke to a host when I got my player club card, and got myself 2 meal comps! Since I was alone, I used one for lunch, one for dinner. The poker room also comped me a meal. I was only there 3 days. Had my first "Buffalo meat" steak and enjoyed it very much. I had a "Buffalo" meat burger next day and liked that to. Don't remember my other meal, but I had no complaints about the food or casino generosity when I was there.

    I also remember exploring the casino, and deciding the table game rules were rather unfavorable to the players, maxing the house advantage. I would expect the same from their slots. It is an Indian Casino, and they traditional have far less favorable rules than "real" casinos. Usually because they are the only game in town.

    And, when you're the only game in town, you can do whatever you want. There is no one to complain to if you have a problem, because they are regulated by their own Tribal Gaming Commissions. Slot hold is also not regulated, just reccomended. Imagine Vegas casinos holding 25% or more on a slot.