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  • Choctaw Casino - Durant: not happy with Durant choctaw

    My husband and I are senior citizens who frequent Choctaw one to two times a week. We noticie thatthe older casino istightening down its machines and we lose even more playing there.

    Before the new hotel/casino began, the older part of the casino did pay off pretty decently. Last two or so years it has been really bad. One way of telling winnings, besides visually, is the sounds of the slots, which too often are quiet. This is how the jackpots gets so high. I for one am not sure if a jackpot is won. We are there alot when it disappears off the Royal Reels, but see no one actually getting it. So I think maybe it's just a number that keeps adding up getting people to drop all their money into the machines. I played them many times and can't even get credits back to play on for a bit. It is sucked it up in a few seconds.. This is every time.

    Now, the newer casino seems to have taken up the same habit of tightening down the machines. I can also watch the spins on the slots. When it flickers, it changes the playing mode, and to top it off, last night at the fireworks show (which we ended up not watching) we were parked in a close handicap parking.

    My husband can't walk far at a time and can't stand without pain. We were sitting in the back of our van thinking, finally, we had a great spot to see. Only to be told by a ****y little young security walking around that we had to stand outside the car or sit on the ground, or we would be loitering.

    I couldnt believe this. they said it was so there would be no one getting broken into. The more they talked the more ridiculous it got. At our age, they were making us stand or sit on the ground if we were to watch the fireworks. so by then we weren't interested in them. Im just about ready to take our business back to Bossier City.

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