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Diamond Jo Dubuque -- Upscale and Tight

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  • Diamond Jo Dubuque -- Upscale and Tight

    Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, IA opened this spring -- apparantly the original casino was on a boat, but this is a land-based building nearby. It is very pretty, but too upscale for my tastes. It is handicap accessible (meets the legal requirements), but not really handicap friendly. For example, the rows of slot machines are very close together which makes it difficult to get around with any kind of mobility device. The handicap restroom stall is straight ahead at the end of the aisle, which would be great if there was any way to turn around -- but having to back all the way back out with doors suddenly opening into you is not helpful. Also there is no cut-out at the end of the sidewalk (or warning of that fact). Anyone with a scooter or wheelchair has to wind around to the driveway for the parking garage and then ride in the street until you get to the driveway for the parking lot across the street. Most people would simply step over the fence or wire bordering the parking lot -- but of course scooters and wheelchairs can't do that. Instead we had to go to the far end of the parking lot to get in that area. Fortunately my husband had warned me of this before I came out after dark.

    Many of the penny slots were the kind where you have to play maximum lines to get all of the reels to spin -- I prefer the older kind where you get all the reels for how ever many lines you choose to play at a time. Like I said this casino seems very upscale and catering to a younger crowd -- for the senior citizens like myself, I would recommend going to Mystique instead -- it's about a mile up the road.
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