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Vegas Virgin coupon run Part 1

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  • Vegas Virgin coupon run Part 1

    As a side note, before beginning this trip report, I would like to see three small changes in future editions of ACG. The first would be a coupon index. The second, the coupons be numbered to find them easier. The third, that they be perforated for easier removal from the book without the need of scissors or razor knife.

    Just returned from 7 nights at Binion's.

    My frugal package trip from Orbitz cost 291.45 plus checked bag fee (38.00) I had planned this trip online, was well prepared with maps, geographic itinerary, and the 'best' coupons and sign up bonuses topping my list.

    I planned on using the bus system and free casino shuttles. There is a "senior" reduced fare card (FREE) available at the transit terminal which gives 50% off. 3 day unlimited bus ride passes are $7.50. The bus service in Vegas is excellent, although very crowded at times.

    I selected 22 casino's where the offers were best for this Vegas Virgin. Between free slot play for Player Club sign up, and coupons from ACG & MRB, I am well prepared.

    I originally figured to spend 3 days doing coupon runs, with a possible 4th day if needed. I also have selected an additional area (Boulder Hwy) with 5 additional offers if time, energy, and desire permit. I've planned my coupon runs for geographic convenience, with "zones" for getting around.

    The EV for my pre-planned itinerary is $261.00 figured at 48%. Who knows what will happen with a little luck, or lack thereof.

    This is a long report. I've broken it down into sections.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Written on Friday, July 10, 2009 2:33 EDT, 11:33 pm in Vegas:

    Well, this has certainly been an interesting first 24+ hours in Las Vegas. Arrived Wed night at 11:00 PM ish.

    Spirit Airlines may be very inexpensive for those on a budget, and you get what you pay for. "Sardines in a can" may be a fair description. The Emergency row seats always have ample leg room. The friendly stewardess allowed me to move when one was vacant. Stewardess Barbara, I think I love you.

    The limo/shuttle driver was terrible. Ran a light or two, high speed turns, and incessant chatter that was irrelevant and often incorrect. And than she drops me at Binions at the furthest point from the Hotel entrance. I told her and she said, "This is where we have to drop off". I told her she was full of ****, and just lost her tip. I literally had to walk through the entire casino with my two bags and laptop. Grrrr.....; For those using a shuttle to Binions, the hotel entrance is at Ogden & First. Apparently, some shuttle drivers drop at Casino & Ogden rather than make a U-turn and let you out a full block closer to the hotel entrance. Shame on them, and please don't settle for less.

    But alas, things picked up from there. I was settled in my room with king size bed, table & chairs, coffee maker. MUCH nicer than I was expecting. And no $20 trick. So I'm restless. I'm not going to be able to sleep for awhile, even though it's very late, actually early morning (1:00 am ish Thursday), EDT. So decide to meander around, and make my 'first' coupon run. Binion's $10 match play from the fun book. ooops, I somehow :::: have two fun books. Oh well. VEG Lose both, down $20.00.

    Off to Golden Nugget and the $60/50 poker buy in. Win 30 in about an hour, so leave up $40.00. Walk around Fremont Street, in an out but no gambling. Not a penny anywhere, except for a few cocktail waitresses when I got free drinks. Have not, and will not buy a drink, except for the buck tip to the waitress.

    It's 3:30 am Thursday, and I want an early start for my first day coupon runs. Many have told me I was "crazy" for making my itinerary the way I did. I had wanted to get up and be at the LVA office at 9:00 am to get my MRB and proceed. I have my ACG, but I'm here for coupons and offers, and I'll be well armed with all the appropriate tools of the trade. That did not happen, but I was there well before noon, after getting my 'senior' bus passes at the DTC, and going to the Rio first.

    It was media day at the WSOP. I went in the front door of Rio, and wanted to go out the back for the trip to LVA. There was a Phil Hellmuth UB Hospitality suite, and only a couple 'employees". They asked if I was on UB, of course I do have an account, and was invited in. They had a great spread! Really nice, lot's of sandwiches and beverages, and a nice candy selection as well. I grabbed 3 Red Bulls for later, and a nice Lipton Ice tea. A couple sandwiches and I was good to go, awake, hunger well satisfied for free, and off to the LVA by Taxi. $5.50 from the back door at Rio. I paid the driver, and told him I would be 2-3 minutes picking up a book, if he wanted to wait. He said he'd keep the meter running, and I told him that was just not going to happen, he could wait for free and hope my tip will compensate, or go get back in the long taxi line at Rio and gamble. He said he was not going to wait, so I asked for and got my $4.50 change. I would have given the guy $15.00+ back to the Palms, but he blew it.

    So I walked to Gold Coast. Now I've got my MRB, ACG, and in full combat mode for my first coupon run in Vegas. Gold Coast cash out on 10 free slot play is $8.00, and off to the Palms.

    $30.00 at the Palms in MP & slots cash out is $22.75, and back to the GC for a shuttle to Bills. Time was on my side, and I'm at Bills by 1:15pm! My $10 mp says BJ, I'm at roulette and did not "notice" and neither did the dealer. So I won my $10.00 bet, but did not get paid for the MP. Speak to the pit, "intent and dealer error", yada yada but nice. So, bottom line, I take it to BJ and lose. Leave Bill's even. Lesson learned, read the mp before using.

    Decide to detour slightly from my plans. Go to Planet Hollywood for a complicated offer. Lose $25 MP. Than play $5 free slot, get a point, and back for $25.00 more free slot. Get 4 points and another $15.00 is in the account. Net at Planet Hollywood is -$5.35 cash. Grrrr. That's with $25 mp, and $45 free slots. "How did I lose money with that offer?" me thinks as I head out the door.

    From Planet H to Imperial Palace hoofing it. Try the "waste of time" offer at Casino Royale since I was there. "Won a $5.00 mp, for a net of +$9.00. The CR promo sucks big time. Promotional machines that just don't pay off. BUT, the free pull on the sidewalk machines award one of 3 prizes if you win. $100, $50 in play on the promo slots, or $5.00 match play for '3rd'. I got lucky and won the 'better' bottom prize on the sidewalk. A little later, I played again and 'won' $50, and the lady next to me won the $5.00 mp. I asked if she wanted to trade with me, and she looked at me like I'm an idiot and can't do the deal fast enough. Than tells her husband how foolish I was. (Oh, I won that mp also, another +9.00)

    I usually will make a 'dealer' bet when I win on a mp if on roulette or craps. That is why my cash out amounts may seem inconsistent, and if the dealer sees me with more than 1 mp, won't rat me out.

    Imperial Palace was a net -$10.00 on mp.

    Venetian was next. +$44.00 on $15.00 mp, and cashed another $9.87 from $15 free slots. Net at Venetian +$38.87. I'm still in full combat mode, but want to sit and rest awhile. The poker room is inviting, but I lose a few bucks in a very short session. Got coupon offers to run before playing poker for longer sessions.

    Leave Venetian after a little sight seeing and catch the Deuce. Back a Binion's, quick shower and relax for a few and down to the Experience. "Hell, why not do some offers?" thinks I. So I did.

    Plaza. Got a fun book too. Net + 5.00 on mp. Poker offer is $25 for 20 so I play. Cash out $140 for my 60 buy in, and my plaza net for offers is + $5.00 on mp, and poker is + $80.00.

    Vegas Club cash out is $10.00

    Four Queens $10 for $15 "WIN" card puts me -$11.00 Grrrr

    Fitzgerald's $5.00 mp nets at - $5.00 Grrrr.

    Two more Binion's $10.00 mp and lose both for net -$20.00 Grrrr. Somehow :::: I now have a 'bunch' of Binion's fun Books.

    My " scheduled itinerary" was 5 offers outside DT, after LVA office, and perhaps 1-2 downtown afterwards. I completed 6 offers, plus Casino Royale, and also stopped at O'sheas and Flamingo for a look see, than 5 more downtown offers. Whew. it's been a bad result day for match plays. (+ $35.00 or so not including poker) and I did cover a lot of ground. But, I am somewhat disappointed with my coupon run results.

    My feet are tired and damn, I forgot my pedometer! I was not uncomfortable during my travels.

    Friday, my itinerary has 5 locations. Since the only downtown spot left with an offer is El Cortez, I may decide to keep moving and try to get the 'last 6 outsiders' as well, to complete 21 of my initial 22 casino's with offers.

    Whenever I won a match play, I usually tipped the dealer, or made a $1.00 bet for the dealer. Usually an even money roulette bet with mp's because they're fast and I can keep moving. Don't mind sacrificing a slightly larger house vig for speed. I did not, and do not intend to loiter until I'm "done" with the offers.

    That's it for now. It's Saturday morning, 3:47 EDT, and I'm still wired. Going to go check out the poker room at Binion's. Again. And a cocktail of more too.

    Part two next message:

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    Re: Vegas Virgin coupon run Part 2

    Friday morning, I slept in. Was on the bus at DTC at 11:15 heading to LV Hilton, where I promptly lost another $20.00 on 2 match plays, and I was on my way to Terribles.

    Terribles gets me a T-Shirt, fun book, and slot play. I net +10 on the mp's, cash 6.25 on the slots and am out the door at 1:07. Also have more mp's and slots because they only allowed 2 per day on mp's, and another shirt or hat, if I go back. There are also some mp's and slot play in the fun book, and I may return although it's a little inconvenient without a car.

    Walk to Hard Rock is next, win $20.00 on the mp, cash $2.00 of the free slot play. They were "out" of Win cards. (Dang, that's $30 for 15 in NNS chips.) Go to Mr. Lucky's for the 7.77 steak, shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes, and salad. Worth the price. Total check 11.10 with a cola, plus tip.

    Decide it's hot so take a taxi to Ellis Island, where I lose $20 on 2 mp's. Out the door and taxi to

    Tuscany. I cash + 10 on my mp's, and play poker for 1/2 hour in a 'baby game' for an extra 10 buy in money.

    Decide to splurge and take a taxi to Bill's. Somehow got a small blister that was bothering me. so the fare is 5.70, and I give the driver $7.00. He looks at me and says, "You know, that's a lousy tip for Vegas. So I said, "Oh? if you think 20+% is lousy, I want my change back." He give me a buck, I take it and ask for the 30 cents too. So now he's ****ed, and give me another buck and says "I don't carry coins." I again tell him that if he thinks 20% + is a lousy tip, he should discuss it with the taxi authority and company, whom I'm going to call in a few minutes. Damn attitude. I carefully write down his hack license and cab number. He now really seemed ****ed and a little concerned too. GOOD! I did not intend to actually file a complaint, but let him stew on the "what if's" and worry a little as I walk away pretending to dial my cell phone. I can be an "AH" sometimes.

    I completed my pre- planned "Day 2" coupon run and it's 4:40 ish. I think I'm making great time, not loitering, pretty much in and out each spot. I am also somewhat underwhelmed by many of the places I've visited, and would most likely not return. More disappointment as I realize my coupon run today so far has only netted $8.00, and I spent more than that on taxi's.

    Into the Flamingo for a drink. Don't play a cent, just feed a machine where there is a cocktail waitress. Look around and decide I don't want to be there either. Cash out "even" when my drink arrives. My free drink only cost a buck tip.

    What the heck, thinks I, and grabs the Deuce to Circus Circus. I may be able to finish my coupon runs today. Worth the try. Win $43.00 with mp's and 10/15 win cards. Off to Slots A Fun for a 1/2 lb tube steak, beer, and souvenir deck of cards. I now have Christmas gifts for 52 orphans!

    To the Riviera. Looked around. No bonuses. Nothing for 'free' and the boothlings had no idea what a "win card" was. The promo slots? Don't waste a penny there. The place was very lightly populated and I thought it sucked big time. Moved on to Sahara.

    Good enough promos, though nothing for sign up and did not. Cashier gave me 50/40 win cards with no player club card request. To a BJ table, play and lose $10.00 on match play. Than proceed to lose $30 with the win NNC $50.00. Got a little tilted and foot was bothering me so wanted to sit, and lost another $10.00 playing a penny slot (Star Wars). Of course I had a drink too. Out the door minus $50.00 total. Sheesh. I did not go to Stratosphere, because it's a fun book only. Also want to visit AChalies Boulder before Strat to sign up there and get the offers, and join the club, since they are linked together. ACharlies Boulder has the $100 "free roll" slot offer. Lose $100, get $100 free play same day for new sign ups only.

    Grab the Deuce downtown, and decide it's early, and El Cortez has my last downtown offer. Get $20 free slot, cash $20.00 @ DDB VP. They also have 3 full pay DDB machines. 2 @ 0.25, 1 @ 0.50, but could not use the free play. They are coin only machines. I'm "done" at 7:30!

    My net results for 21 slot club sign up bonuses, coupons, and match play is only $66.00. That does not include "extra" mp's I was technically not entitled to use, and poker buy in bonuses or poker results. Far below my original EV estimates of $260.00 ish. But this is gambling and probability. Lady Luck has chosen to not grace my coupon runs so far.

    I have more fun books at Binions. Different shift working. Used $20 in 2 mp's, and again lost both. The other 'good' coupons are not usable by me. That makes 5 $10.00 mp's at Binions so far without a win. Roulette. Craps Don't Pass line. It don't matter. The point is 10, I'm on "Don't" and it just does not matter. I know this just can not continue, but any other coupon runs or offers are, geographically, much more "out of the way".

    Played some poker until late at Binions. Small 2-4 game, won a pretty decent amount. Love the $2.00/hour in comps! I'm done about 3am with poker, and take a long walk to unwind. Lot's of hookers quietly work the 'experience'. But that's a tale for telling another time. People watching and drinking can be fun too. I'm doing a bit of both.

    It's now 9:35 am Saturday morning. I got inebriated, had some fun, played some downtown $3.00 BJ, and just being crazy. I even played some slots because of the hotties, being drunk, and losing my usual composure and discipline. Tsk tsk on me. I blew about $50 ish including tips, somehow, just 'gambling' at BJ, some 100 play 1 cent VP, a few slots for 'fun', and a couple of impulse bets because I could. Drank more alcohol Friday-Saturday morning than all of 2009 and maybe including 2008.

    Who needs a Fremont Street prostitute when I can screw myself simply by drinking and impulse gambling? I do have most of my $$$ and profits in the safe deposit box, and don't carry much onto Fremont when on my walkabouts. About $100 max so I can play if the mood strikes, and still not feel too bad if I lost it all just having some fun. Also no need being a "target" if I stray or get real crazy.

    Need some sleep. Will probably make one more coupon run, Boulder Hwy Monday. I currently plan on sleeping until whenever I decide to wake up naturally and stay up. Than, this afternoon, I think I'll head to Rio to check out the WSOP, and want to check out Bellagio, Caesars, & Mandalay Bay poker. I probably will not go to all of them, and may only go to 2, since I intend to play sober and "serious" poker Saturday and Sunday.

    I do want to state that using public transportation did not seem to affect my ability to cover a lot of ground on my coupon runs, and even with the 3 taxi rides I've taken so far, is far more cost effective than a rental car would have been. But it is too early to close the book on that chapter. I now want to make one more run to Boulder Hwy, but I want to put a 'serious' and good poker day under my belt first. I now have 22 player club cards, so that was 21 sign up bonuses, match play, etc. I did not need to join the club at 2 places to get/use match play or win cards.

    I abandoned (in room) my big backpack, using a smaller drawstring style instead for souvenirs, etc. Beverage in a cargo pocket of my shorts. Was just fine without the extra luggage and supplies I did not need, although if I had the umbrella with me today, I probably would have saved two taxi rides and chosen to walk.


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      Re: Vegas Virgin coupon run Part 1

      Written Sunday morning, 10:20 am.

      My Saturday is done.

      Went to Rio and 'watched' some WSOP until the bubble burst. Than by shuttle to Paris. It's Saturday afternoon, and about 2PM. The strip is busy. No other way to describe it. And the "eye candy" is fantastic. Especially for this 'old single guy'. I can also now say that I have been in Paris. I have also been in Hiltons. I have not been in Paris Hilton.

      Bellagio was beckoning me. I want to play poker. It's busy, and I wait maybe 30 minutes for a seat. Limit HE 4-8. Play 2 1/2 hours. Win pretty good, ask for a comp for something to eat. The manager or shift boss handles all of those personally. So I introduce myself, toss a few compliments about staff and my impressions of the room, yada yada, told him I'd just got to town and only played for 7-8 1/2 hours so far, and was tired and hungry. Could I please get a food comp anyway, even though I know I probably did not play enough hours yet. So he gives me a $15.00 food comp. Thanks guy, see you again soon. Since I'd already eaten well today, I'll use it another time. It's good until the 20th, for the buffet, Cafe Bellagio, or Snacks (a deli - sandwich shop near the poker room)

      To Caesars. WOW! Caesars was a zoo. The poker room is located near some club (Pure?) and the line was unbelievable. Must have been Hundreds and hundreds or more standing there waiting. The VIP line pass line was ridiculously long. Underwhelmed with the poker room on a Saturday night. Not busy, and no limit games. So Adios, was sad to depart this Eye Candy Feast, and off to the Mirage.

      More poker, and another good profit for about 2 1/2 hours. Than a walk around and leave. Love the eye candy on Saturday night. Whew. My eyes are now safely back in my head, and I'm pleased to report I do not have whiplash. Did I mention just how hot the eye candy is on the strip in these high roller joints?

      Catch the Deuce home to Binion's. Drop off my drawstring pack, and to the poker room. It's how I've been ending my "days" before sleeping. 4 hours of poker, another small profit in a small game, and some penny 100 play VP where I lost 10 bucks. I've also been drinking again. The poker room is close to Fremont street, and I like to smoke a cigarette out there so the hookers can try to get me interested in them. And they do try.

      I've "earned" over $25.00 in comp money from poker at Binion's @ $2.00/hour. That's generous IMHO.

      I need to try to sleep. 10:45 am, I intend to play poker more now. No idea where I'll go when I wake up in maybe 6-7 hours.

      More to follow.


      Wednesday morning 5:56 EDT.

      My, how time flies when I'm having fun.

      Monday I know I slept until 1:00 ish. Decided I was going to make the 30 minutes or so shuttle journey to Sam's Town, than A Charlie's boulder for the $100 "risk free" slot offer. Loose $100 cash, they will immediately give you a free play voucher for $100.00. The shuttle is supposed to stop at California, but he breezes by, and I'm left running across the street. I was watching from the Binions bell desk, and the bus stopped for all of 10 secs if that. The driver sees me, and motions toward the sidewalk like he's going to pick me up, but than keeps going. SOB.

      So I decide once again to play poker. Off too the strip to use my meal comp at Bellagio, , than a little poker. Very little, I lose the first two hands I'm dealt with KK, than QQ, and decide to head to Terrible's for another TO-shirt and match play and coffee mug. It's a quick visit, and I lose $15.00 cash & mp's. Grrrr. Stop at Hooter's. Did not bother with the $200 slot promotion. Another "special machines" offer that has near zero EV. I won't join a player's club without an positive EV, hoping there will be a better offer if/when I return to Vegas.

      Back to the strip, meander about, stop at a few spots, and fool around. Back to Fremont, and the rest of the evening - night is a blur. Lost $20 more (2 @10) Binions match plays. That is now $80.00 in match play I've lost without winning once. Don't pass, or roulette 'red'. Grrrr. I still have a couple left. Do not ask me how I got so many Fun Books. I'll probably never tell you later anyway. This is a good Fun book. $10 mp, and "when you join, 10 free slot and 120/100 for poker. All are 1 per person. They don't check the match plays, but the rest of the fun book coupons for money will not be used by me. Hmmm..... eBAY or trade?

      Tuesday morning, I decide I'm just not 'up' enough. A few buck from 'offers', (I think but need to double check my accounting but it's a disappointing 60-70 bucks or so, not including repeats like Terribles or Binions. ), and much more from poker. But my 'net' total match play/coupon/sign up bonuses result is negative. I am ahead pretty good on this trip, only due to poker.

      I decide I'm going to ACharlies for the slot offer. I feel like I 'need' a good win from these numerous offers since I "justified" this trip by "expecting" a certain EV return of perhaps $260 or more using them. And Lady Luck, EV, probability, whatever we choose to call it is a long term relationship, and I have to continue to give it a chance to even out.

      Tuesday morning, or what substitutes for morning in MY new temporary world, I catch the Sam's Town shuttle. Register for the club, get a deck of cards, and use my mp. Cash + $4.00 after dealer toke. Out the door, get lucky and the transit bus is coming, and I'm at ACharlie's in no time, and did not have to wait in the heat.

      Confirm the $100 reimbursement offer, join the club, and find a slot tech to lead me to the VP machines with best pay tables. I decide to play double bonus quarters. Progressive is $1220.00. I forget what the pay table is. Chat with the LOL (little ole lady) next to me. Put in my hundred, and ask if she'll 'help' me since she looks like a pro. Actually, she looked like she needed a new friend, a widow with silver locks and a wad of tens she kept feeding the machine she was on. I do have a printed strategy guide I brought from home for this game specifically. (Along with about 6 other VP's guides)

      Second pull, I have AQJ10 hearts. Hold 'em, and the big RED king comes calling! Only it's a diamond. She hollers thinking it's the Royal, than realizes her mistake, and starts apologizing to me. LOL. But I'm up now, and stay that way. Hit quads a few times, and work my bankroll up to $275.

      What to do. Decide I'll keep playing until it hits $350, or play down to $150. Had 4 to the royal 4 times, tossed pays each time, missed each one. My 275 is dwindling, and I've been on the machine for more than 2 1/2 hours. I'm down to 155 and again get 4 to the royal with aces. Shuck the ace because that's what my handy dandy strategy guide says to do, and the royal hits.

      My first royal and it pays $1221.xx Bells and noise, people coming to look, and the attendant collects my ID & SS#. But leaves the noise on. I feel like a giant flag flapping in the breeze that says "Potential victim just hit for over a grand", and I forgot to ask for a check. So they come back and pay me, the noise still going and I ask for a check and "we're sorry but you're too late for that since we got the cash right here." So I says "Please" and they says "No" and I says, "OK". (Her tip just went from $21 to $5.00) and that was that.

      Decided to splurge for a taxi to Binion's with the tip money I saved. Hey, I ain't going to be a victim on the bus with that kind of coin leaving a 'locals' joint. NOPE. Put the money in the safe deposit box, and decide to get crazy downtown. Can I buy you a free drink?

      Played some more double bonus somewhere, (Fitz?) won $240 more on a bad pay table quarter machine with a $1280 progressive. Play some downtown poker at a couple spots, break about even, maybe a little plus. Play two more match play's ($10 ea) at Binion's. I actually won one of 'em. About time I won a Binion's match play. I think that's 1 for 10 or so.

      Meandered about. Dinner, drinks, Fremont show, more drinks, and more small stakes poker since I've been drinking. Played some 1 cent 100 hand double bonus VP at Binion's while smoking and waiting for my poker seat. I've been playing it 'recreationally' 5 hands, 50 cent total often but not for long. Hit the big aces, and had a 85 buck profit. Woo Hoo, and I'm drinking. Reach for my drink, and must have accidentally hit the max play button. "Oh ****!", thinks I, "That's $10.00!" Damn, damn, daaaaaaaaaa, A FLUSH! Actually 100 flushes! How cool is that!

      So I play down to $125.00 profit and cash. Today was an excellent result day for me, and made the entire trip a guaranteed financial success. And, my "bad" luck and low EV to date from all offers has been shattered. My misfortunes with coupons, sign up bonuses, and match plays (Binion's, and several $25's) and very low returns from all offers in general certainly changed in a hurry.

      Poker has been adequate, about what I estimated my EV to be 'hourly', maybe even a little more. I just did not put in enough hours. Had lot's of fun drinking and fooling around downtown.

      I need sleep, my flight leaves tonight and I do want to do something with my day. Set my phone alarms and hope I'll get up before 10 am so I can spend 9 hours or so more as a tourist.


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        Re: Vegas Virgin coupon run Part 4

        Written Thursday early afternoon from home:

        My last day in Vegas netted me a few bucks. I hung around downtown, wanting to put some points on cards for future offers. I've decided I can "blow" up to a couple hundred recreationally for this. Play some craps at Binion's and win a little. Play the one cent hundred play VP I like, and do OK, winning about $65.00, playing mostly 5-10 hands. Hit a royal, and the Aces also. Wander about Fremont, ride up to the Strat for $10 free play and come back downtown.

        Buy some cheap Vegas T-shirts. Eat. Drink. Go to the El Cortez to play the DDB good pay machines but could not get on. Just as well, I would hate the coins and slow machine. I think I sorta like Video Poker. Not to replace real poker, but recreationally for a short time and small amounts at risk. It does not appear to be a plus EV game anywhere is Vegas that I found. VPfree says otherwise, but I did not access the net while in Vegas, since there is no free WiFi at Binions, and I did not feel like lugging my laptop down to Starbucks to check. VPfree says there is, but I'd forgotten where, and I believe there have been many changes.

        Some $3.00 BJ (I ask myself why when it's so unfavorable) and some craps at different casino's.

        Back to Binion's to pack. Had to pay for the last day I extended to keep the room in case I wanted a nap or to just sleep in. My comps from poker more than covered it. Had the bellman take my bags for the shuttle at 8;00 pm, and got some sandwiches for the flight from the snack bar. Used some more comp bucks, got my pic with the million, and even had some cash back. With 40 minutes to shuttle lift off, I hit the craps table for a quick 50 win and done. I won during my final gamble day.

        Flight home was great. I always try for the emergency exits row for the added legroom. There were only 2 empty seats on the flight, and both were next to me! Woo hoo!!!!

        I had a great time. I went lapse on my usual rigorous accounting practices, keeping track of each location session wins and losses. Even was lax on recording my poker results (hours played/win-loss), and I'll have a tough time doing some forensic accounting to figure everything out. I definitely won at poker, and my trip was definitely profitable.

        So I am a happy person today, and have begun the process of finding another great and frugal deal again. I would stay at Binion's again also. Did not mind "commuting" to Bellagio or the strip for bigger poker stakes, and I kind of liked being downtown.

        As for the difficult pre-planned itinerary I laid out, 7 downtown offers are an easy coupon run in a couple hours. The 15+ outside downtown were not too difficult. I only went to Sam's Town and ACharlies Boulder. I may have chosen to stop at others on Boulder, but with my success chose to return downtown. I also went to several casino's without 'offers' just because, or to check out the poker, or because I was in the vicinity. I covered a lot of ground, and since this was an exploratory trip, I now have a better understanding of Vegas, and the ability to plan my next visit with more time at places I want to be. The "mystery" of the unvisited casino is more or less gone, so I won't need to play tourist and will be able to devote my time to longer poker sessions, and take time to relax and enjoy more that Vegas has to offer for me.

        To those that thought I was foolish to set such a rigid schedule, to attempt to redeem all the Vegas coupons I could, it would have been possible to complete the Boulder highway, Rancho, North Las Vegas, and even Summerlin. I could have been done it using the transit system. I would have been work, a real job without much time for much else. I covered a lot of ground and still had almost 4 full "free" days.

        I saw most of the casino's I would choose to visit, and can now pick and choose with first hand knowledge for future trips. My knowledge is limited to poker rooms, casino's, and frugal eateries. I got 4 food comps, not bad considering my lack of action. I did not use one, gave it to someone as a "tip" which will pay me back in spades on my next visit. Had frugal eats for most meals. "Specials" just too good not to try, although not necessarily "good". Most of my sit down meals were taken in the downtown area.

        So this pretty much caps my personal Vegas Adventure. A financially successful journey overall. I'm still undecided whether the coupon runs were truly profitable, since I did lose. I may have taken the ACharlies offer regardless, and it does not require a coupon to redeem. So the true bottom line on the coupon run is "Net Loss". But still worth the effort. And IF I did not score those Binion's fun books, my coupon runs would have been slightly "profitable", although with a very low % value. But there are still many unclaimed. And it is a long term game.


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          Re: Vegas Virgin coupon run Part 1

          Bottom lines:

          I went to Vegas instead of my usual "haunts" because I was a Vegas Virgin, and therefor entitled to all th Player Club sign up bonuses. When I "discovered" ACG and MRB, and the value of the coupons (specifically match plays and free slot play) my choice became a no brainer.

          A complete "Virgin" coupon run in Vegas to use only ACG & MRB gambling coupons that have some actual 'EV' cash value and club sign ups would have a "play value" exceeding $700.00. Using only those, it iss not inconceivable that my trip could have been paid for.

          It would take alot of time and work to accomplish, long days and perhaps a full week. But it could be done. I "visited" over 30 different casino's during my visit. Many I went into, walked through, and out the door, spending less than 10 minutes "looking" around.

          The lines at the Player Clubs where I signed up were the most time consuming portion of each destination. One took over 30 minutes, but I hit that one at "rush hour".

          I did not waste time during my coupon runs. In the door, sign up if needed, and quick play for free slot play or match play at roulette or craps. I want to capitalize on the free gamble and get to the next location. I never played less than 25 cent machines with slot play, usually video poker at max play. NEVER. 8 spins @ $1.25 and on to the next casino. The "WIN" cards I played more seriously since I had cash invested.

          Ignore the promotional machines at Riviera, Hooters, and Casino Royale. You do not make any cash unless you hit the jackpot, or mini jackpot. They are NOT worth spending time on if you are making a true casino run and have ground to cover.

          Be prepared before you arrive. Lay out your destinations on a map, do your homework, and put your visits into geographical sequence. Add the bus information or shuttle info, and the coupons to each entry.

          If you are well organized, you can cover a lot of locations in a few days using public buses and free shuttles. A rental car, IMHO, may actually slow a person down, the traffic is heavy, getting lost, parking, valets, etc etc. (In Vegas)

          Never pay for a drink. If you want one, sit at a machine (after you see the cocktail waitress), get her attention, order a drink and put a few bucks into a machine. Than sit and wait for your drink. Tip the waitress, cash out without paying, hit the ticket redemption machine on your way out the door, and your done. You can save a little time by only putting a dollar into the machine, and giving the waitress the cash out ticket as her tip.

          When signing up at the players club, always ask for something extra. A free lunch, WIN cards, funbooks. Sometimes you can get them, but they don't give them unless you know to ask.