Delaware Park used to have good comps and big payouts, but recently their comps are bad and their payouts are lousy. We were told by a security guy that the machines will not pay out well unless you put a lot of money into them. We used to go there all the time but since they took our bonus slot dollars away we hardly go. We were told that one of their departments did away with rewarding people for coming to their casino unless you play and lose alot of money. We were getting 25 slot dollars which they cut back to 10 slot dollars. Now they even took that away. They weren't losing money by giving people slot dollars if you think about it when you win you end up putting more money into a machine anyway. What were they thinking? They say you have free play in their slot tournament on Thursday, but they don't let you play if you don't have enough points. Now compared to Harrahs in Chester, Chester is pretty. If you find the right machine the payout is ok. The best casino though I think is Harrington Casino in Delaware. The payouts were pretty good. The customer service people are alright. At Delaware Park the food is pretty good though depending on what you like. The sodas have too much ice though and sometimes even though the drinks are free some of the ladies who take the drinks around get a little upset if you don't give them any money.

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