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Bordertown Bingo and Casino: Mixed Feelings

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  • Bordertown Bingo and Casino: Mixed Feelings

    Bordertown Casino is literally it's name. It's technically in Missouri, lying right on the border in a small town called Seneca. They offer a wide variety of games that appeal to most types of gamblers and their bankrolls, but they are lacking a lot of the newer slot machines that are available at some of the other local casinos. Their slots aren't too loose, either.

    The atmosphere isn't great...The air is very stale, and seemingly not well filtered. It's typically very crowded during the evening hours, drawing in all types of people, some of which are very coarse in their behavior. Due to the over abundance of people, the casino just feels dirty although the bathrooms are usually very clean.

    One of the reasons this particular casino draws in so many people is that they offer free play cash (in the form of a voucher) during the weekdays which is $5.

    There is an abundance of slot technicians at this casino, so you rarely have to wait long if something goes wrong while playing. The overall service at this casino is good, except for a few employees that seem to lack common courtsy and decency.

    Overall, this casino is okay. But just to add a fare warning, if you play poker you can expect to play against many of the employees that work at the casino, ranging from slot techs, to cashiers, to even the casino manager.

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