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A Rather Rambling Trip

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  • A Rather Rambling Trip

    We took the children and grandchildren to the Smoky Mountains for a week in a cabin in the mountains. They call it a cabin but it had 6 bedrooms. Had a great time.

    After the family vacation we went south the Valdosta, GA, for a couple nights and visited the jai alai fronton and poker room in northern Florida (Hamilton??). We were there in early afternoon and there wasn't many people around. When they saw us wandering around, they turned on the lights in the poker room.

    Left Valdosta and went to Panama City for a couple nights. While there we visited the dog track/poker room at Ebro. There were more people around but still didn't see any poker action in the early afternoon. There was a group of guys my age (older) sitting around telling tall tales about bad beats.

    Drove to Atmore, AL, to see the new casino there and was impressed. Didn't seem to be a lot of video poker (I played a triple play for a little while) but there were people and action. Didn't stay a long time.

    From there we went to the dog track in Mobile. It has a simulcast facility and was packed. At least a 100 people in the room with 15 or 20 TV''s and lots of betting windows and machines. I made on horse bet that I won and we left to get to the overnight stop in Moss Point, MS, (about 25 miles from Mobile and about 25 miles from Biloxi).

    The wife's birthday is in July so we went to the Hard Rock and had the buffet. Wandered around the casino a little but didn't give them a chance at our money.

    Drove from there to Shreveport, LA, for a couple nights. Stopped along the way at the Rainbow Casino in Vicksburg to play the free play they offered for new members. Paid for the stop by winning some $15.

    Only visited Sam's Town in Shreveport. At lunch there and played some video poker. Broke even on the machine but enjoyed the lunch.

    Left Shreveport for Tunica and two free nights at Sam's Town. I played about 8 hours of poker at Sam's Town. First session I won $34. Second session I lost $35. They give you $2.50 an hour in comps so I came out ahead. Wife and I played a lot of 9/6 job video poker. She got enough 4 of a kind the keep us in the black and we won about $50 at it.

    Decided to see how difficult a drive it is to get back to Michigan in one day. It's 801 miles. We got away about 6:15 AM Tunica time (7:15 in Michigan) and found the drive to be rather straightforward and not as tiring as I expected. We got home at about 8:45 with about an hour of stops on the way. So, it took us about 12 1/2 driving hours. We'll probably drive straight through any time we feel the urge to Tunica it.

    Fun trip and saw lots of scenery. Main purpose of the southern swing was to look at apartments for the upcoming winter. Although we've spent the last 5 or 6 years in Las Vegas for the winter, I think we decided that the panhandle of Florida (Destin) is the place most suited to us this time.