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The Meadows: Worst casino I've been in

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  • The Meadows: Worst casino I've been in

    This casino is only a half hour drive away, which makes my experiences there all the more disappointing. The new facility is a step up from Wheeling Island, but it still pales in comparison to places like Dover Downs in Delaware or some of the casinos up in New York. The selection of slots is quite poor. They have many banks of unpopular machines that sit empty while the more popular games are few in number and always crowded. For example, two Goldfish slots in the entire facility, which is one of the hottest games going right now.

    This is also the tightest casino I've ever visited, and my wife and I have been in them all from Delaware to New York and over to Michigan. That's not only our experience but also our observation that we don't see as many people cashing tickets at The Meadows compared to other casinos. We were in three different Delaware casinos recently where Deal or No Deal was popular and loose, but at The Meadows it's tight and you rarely see more than two or three people at the bank of a dozen machines.

    Trying to get a soft drink while you play is difficult unless you're sitting near one of the few areas where the servers frequent. I never see them in most parts of the casino. I was playing near the bar the other night and flagged someone down, but she never returned with my Coke.

    You're also more likely to find a security guard walking around than casino staff, but fortunately I haven't had any machines malfunction on me. Although, this casino had a power outage about a month ago (a new casino without proper generator backup?) and word is they offered the patrons a bag of potato chips to stick around for hours while they tried to get the machines back up. Classy, LOL!

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