I visited this place on Saturday and it was packed as a can of beans! There was a really long wait for the eateries and the food didn't wow me. I would have been better off going to McDonalds and Saving $20.

We ate at a resturant called Sundance and it was awful. The burger was dry and you could tell it wasn't fresh. The bread ripped and fell apart right before you picked it up. After eating we went to their dessert stand and there was nothing to choose form.

There were almost no desserts and a really big line. They only had one person working that place on a Saturday. I personally think this company makes themselves look bad by the service they put out.

I was there all day and didn't win one dollar. I chatted with some other guests and they told me they hadn't won either. The least a comany can do is provide better food service at a fair price if they don't want to let guests win on the slots.

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