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Ho Chunk Casino and Hotel: worst experience ever

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  • Ho Chunk Casino and Hotel: worst experience ever

    Went to Ho-chunk North 2 months ago and My Boyfriend and I will never go back. We played and lost like usual, but this time it was the machine that was making us lose.

    The winning combinations were lining up but it was paying out nothing. Finnaly we got sick of it and asked someone why it was not paying for the winning lines. Well the machine operator was stumped as to why it wouldn't pay for the winning line, so lets ask the slot supervisors, well when that one doesn't know, hey how about the floor manager?

    Well needless to say they needed to turn off the machine and find out about it later. So we filled out a customer complaint form and they floor manager promised up and down that we would be contacted by that following monday. NOTHING, not even a curtesy call. we went back the following week to get answers and got the same exact bull crap. And to top it off the food was terrible. I wanted a mix drink, well that cost me 8 dollers for about a 5oz glass. We will never go back there again. My mom just went there for her birthday and they wouldn't give her anything because she didnt use her card enough. This casino needs help.

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