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    My husband and I have been coming to CT for about 5 years. We were bringing home some money. Now that the new garage has been built, the new hotel has been built, no payoffs coming our way. My husband won $10,000 in October, 2005, nothing worth bragging about since.

    The "black card" is very unfair to those of us that can't afford to come every week and spend money. I spend MONEY at CT, too, why can't I get the same service, without someone breaking in line? They, also, have a certain place to park. My husband is handicapped, there might be an open spot where the black card holders park, I can't park there so I can get his wheelchair off the ramp. I have to keep looking for a handicapped spot big enough to get the wheelchair off the ramp. Also, does security check these handicapped spots?

    There are a lot of people parking in these spots that don't have handicapped license plates showing or the placard. I have seen people park in these spots and run into the casiino.

    I have been to Delaware Park Slots, this is a very nice casino and the payoff is fair. Will be a while before we go back to CT . It's a 3 hour drive from my home to CT.

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