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Potawatomi Bingo Casino: Not worth the trip

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  • Potawatomi Bingo Casino: Not worth the trip

    A trip to Potowatomi is only 30 minutes for us and another 30 and between my husband and I $200 if flown out the window would have done more good.After pouring $40 to $100 in any machine it does not even yield a bonus in order to have a slightly good time.

    The buffet is too expensive and the food is poor quality. The incentives that are sent in the mail are so filled with restrictions and regulations that by the time you finish reading them you have no clue what they have said and cannot participate on their terms, most machines require too high quantities of coins to play, not enough penny and two cent, too much smoke, rude clientele and customer service, what is it anyway.

    I would expect to be treated quite well for the money we have poured into that place. Customer lines are long with 1/2 hour waits and no one cares. Like Reggie, we too have had it and hope we keep our promise to ourselves not to step foot in that place again.

    I'd rather travel 2 hours and have some fun at least if I don't end up with much so I would have had fun playing anyway. it is a crime the way they haul the seniors in there and watch them pull their last dollar out of their purse and play it as if they will win a million and they go home broke. The Lord in his mercy should make the walls come tumbling down. more for me either.

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