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  • Choctaw Casino - Durant: Total stingy casino

    I have been going to the Oklahoma casinos for about 4 years now. I used to go to Windstar because I live in Plano and it was closer, or seemed closer, than Choctaw. But when Windstar remodeled and became larger than the law should allow, the jackpots became smaller and smaller. So I started to go to Choctaw and I spend a lot of money - I mean a LOT and I have noticed that the main slots I would play which are mr. moneybags, liberty 7's, gems and jewels and all those in the high roller area, are not paying nearly as much as they used to.

    This seems to be since the casino shut down a couple months ago to reset and re microchip the machines. Many regulars talk - we are all like a big club of 'friends' - everyone mentioned that the slots are not paying like they used to. That is what keeps up coming back - the fun of playing and winning.

    Most of the time we avid players will put most of the money back, but the winning was at least mutual - win some, play some back in, win some, play some back in. Now it is just play back in and don't win as much.

    I have lost a couple thousand in a day playing machines that would usually hit a jackpot or accumulate a nice sizeable amount but it is just not happening anymore.

    I know the Choctaw people think that we will still come because we are all hooked and gambling addicts - but remember this people - a crack head does not go the same crack dealer if the crack does not get him high anymore - think about that you Choctaw owners - you will see a huge drop in business just like Winstar.

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