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Hollywood Casino & Hotel - Lawrenceburg : Rip Off

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  • Hollywood Casino & Hotel - Lawrenceburg : Rip Off

    Not only do you not win anything at this casino, their atm systems really suck. They are always breaking down, out of commission, and yes, you don't need to go to the atm but people do. Upon our last visit the atm machines were out all night and the screen was reading "There is a problem with our system, your account will not be charged..." In fact, the problem was, your account was being charged but " you" were not getting the money. There is no proof since no receipt comes out and you only trust that the screen is correct when it says you will not be charged. Many people were affected by this "glitch" in the system. So, you can not only lose your money in the slot machines, but in the atm 's as well!!! So, do not use their machines in any form if you have one bit of sense.... in fact, skip the whole experience. Some people have to learn the hard way, including me.

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