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The Rivers Casino: No Good for Me

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  • The Rivers Casino: No Good for Me

    Save your money!!! Worst slots ever in last ten years of going to casinos. Went 10 times since it opened and never won a dollar. Takes your money in ten minutes or less. One time I put $20 in a quarter machine and the 1st 40 spins I hit nothing and then cashed out.

    The food is expensive, especialy the fast food place with fried everything at high prices. Eat before you get here. Oh, a draft beer is $5.00 at the spiral bar. Total rip-off casino.

    Go to the Meadows where you can put $20 in a slot machine and sit there for over an hour and have fun. Restaurant is nicer with better prices. Last time we had lunch for free and played slots for six hours and brought home money.

    They will be out of business in six months. I gave it a try and I am going back to the Meadows where they will appreciate a customer.

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