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  • Atlantic City Questions

    I was considering doing a bus trip for a day to Atlantic City. The bus I plan on taking ONLY goes to Bally's and the Hilton.

    I have not been to Atlantic City since I was 12, and can't remember it that well. But I seem to remember Hilton being adjcent to Tropicana, and I think Caesar's, Bally's, and one (or both) of the Trumps on the boardwalk being near each other.

    The one thing I seem to remember is how Tropicana (where we were staying) and the Hilton were sort of 'the end' of Atlantic City, and were also several blocks away from the nearest casino, which I believe was Caesar's--I remember hiking to what was then Ocean One Mall on a freezing February morning, seemed like miles.

    First off, am I right on all this? 2nd off, any suggestions as to which one I should do (Hilton's area vs. Bally's area?), or do you feel I could make the hike? Anyone have a favorite non-marina that you feel sits far above everyone else that you feel is 'the must visit'?

    Thanks for any advice. This trip is probably going to happen within the next month.

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    Re: Atlantic City Questions

    TRY this website:

    Gotta have a map of the 11 or so casinos.
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      Re: Atlantic City Questions

      The AC Hilton is by itself way down at the south end of the boardwalk.

      You would be better off going to Bally's. It is connected inside by walkways to both Wild WIld West and Caesars. This wasy, if it's cold outside you won't have to be out there.

      Once you are in Caesars there's another walkway connected to the The Pier, which is the new upscale mall which replaced the old Ocean One Mall.