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The Rivers Casino: What a disappointment!

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  • The Rivers Casino: What a disappointment!

    We're no casual slots players. Within the year we've visited Casinos in Arizona (2), Las Vegas (17) and all of Pennsylvania's casinos (except Mount Airy). We were in line at The Rivers Casino's opening day. We've returned a number of times. We've never won there. Nothing!

    We've had some good luck at many of the casinos we've visited. Even the ones we've only visited once.
    Yet, The Rivers seems impossible to even break even. Since we like playing the slots, we keep a close eye on the revenues generated at ALL of Pennsylvania's casinos.
    (The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board's web site maintains weekly lists of revenues of all of the states casinos)
    The Rivers, while it has the second highest number of machines in the state, frequently ranks near the bottom in revenue.
    AND IT'S ALWAYS AT THE BOTTOM IN THE AREA OF PROMOTIONAL PLAY! (and that includes smaller casinos like Presque Isle, which has a thousand fewer machines)

    Sure, it's a nice looking venue. But minus any fair shot of winning anything - it's not worth it. We'll probably stay at the less attractive, but more generous Meadows!

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