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Presque Isle Downs and Casino: NOT VERY GOOD

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  • Presque Isle Downs and Casino: NOT VERY GOOD

    The first thing that you notice about Presque Isle Downs is the giant landfill right by the Casino so depending on which way the wind is blowing you might get a nice smell on the way in from the parking lot. This Casino is totally setup the wrong way. They have the smoking section right up front by the entrance to the Casino. When you go in you are overcome with cigarette smoke and can see a fog in the air. The ventilation system is obviously inadequate. I have seen cleaner air out in packed bars that allow smoking. Be aware that all of your clothes will be reeking of smoke by the time that you leave.
    Once through the cloud of smoke, the slot machines are the same as at any other Casino except I never won or saw anybody else win the entire time I was there. Also the machines were very tight and packed close together, it's worse than any other casino that I have ever been to. The Video BlackJack dealers are a joke for anyone who has ever played BlackJack with a real dealer at any other casino. The staff was nice. The food was average.
    Overall I would not visit this casino again and I wouldn't recommend that anyone waste a trip to come here. They totally messed up this one. There are MUCH better casinos in Salamanca, NY, Niagara Falls, and in Windsor.

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