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Club Cal-Neva-Virginian Hotel and Casino: Give Cal Neva a Try Great Casino

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  • Club Cal-Neva-Virginian Hotel and Casino: Give Cal Neva a Try Great Casino

    Cal Neva is a great Casino. We have been playing there for over 15 years and have seen many positive changes. They have come a long way in providing what the player wants. Our primary game is slots. They're in house Nevadan slot machines are both fun and at times very lucrative to play. They have a very good slot mix and contuine to update their selections.

    What impresses me the most is thier Staff, from their top Managment down to the service employees, they are very friendly and helpful. I was empressed when I wrote a letter to the Owner and CEO regarding their slot mix and immediately received a reply back from their director of slot operations Clint Johnson. He arranged to meet with us and also took the time out of his busy schedule to address our questions. I can read people pretty well and what I observed while conversing with Clint ,was a man of Intergity, that is willing to accept constructive critism and weigh it's merits.

    He arranged a meeting with his Slot repair manager Bob who addressed the techinical aspect of my questions. Like Clint, Bob was straight foward, honest, highly knowledgable and very politely answered my questions to my satisifaction. I also came in contact with a couple of the slot repair crew members, Almario and Chuck, who also were very friendly and helpful. Last but not least, Ricardo, Pit Supervisor, who's sense of humor got me though a slight delay and the wonderful slot host and hostess, Ben, Audrey and Lodia who made our stay very confortable! If you folks out their have not visited Cal Neva, I suggest you do so to experience employees that want to make a difference and a Mangament Team that accepts Input and looks ant new and innovate ways to make thier Casino serve their patrons better! THEY ARE CONSTANLY STRIVING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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