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Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem: I've enjoyed it each time I've gone

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  • Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem: I've enjoyed it each time I've gone

    First a little background on me. I grew up in the Lehigh Valley and moved away when I turned 18. I am now 38. Most of my family still lives there and I get back usually once to twice a year. I currently live in Columbia, SC and the nearest casino is Cherokee in N.C. I won't go there simply because it's awful with terrible pay backs and is a very smoky place.

    I've been to the Sands four times in the past 8 months. The first time was over 4th of July in 2009. I played penny and 2 cent slots. I dropped about $80 in 45 minutes. As I was getting ready to leave I decided to drop another $40 in and hit within 5 minutes for $525. I cashed out and thanked the Sands for helping to pay for my vacation.

    I went a total of three times in December of 2009 over Christmas. The first time I went and again played penny slots and lost $100 in about 30 minutes. OK that wasn't fun. Went back later in the week to eat at Emeril's Burgers and More (B.A.M). After dinner the wife and I played penny slots and after putting $40 in I hit for $570. I cashed out and left.

    I went back two days later to take my mom to the new Carnegie Deli (it's awesome BTW). I won $100 before we ate. After we ate we played some more and I went to a "Wolly Mammoth" penny slot. I put $80 into the machine and within 5 minutes I hit for almost 70,000 credits ($700). Again, I cashed out. I did go into the high roller room and put $100 into a Wheel of Fortune $1 machine. I spun whatever spins $100 gave me and didn't win a penny.

    Now am I just totally lucky to win over $1500 in three separate trips this year? I'm sure luck has a LOT to do with it as this is slots not poker or BJ. That being said, I've always found the trip to "winning" at slots is when you get up (double your original investment or more) cash out, walk away, and say "thank you very much" to the casino and enjoy the rest of your day.

    With table games coming in 2010 I am quite excited to see what the Sands will turn into. The restaurants are pretty good at this place. The atmosphere is kind of dead but I think the table games will change that.

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