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Chinook Winds Casino Resort: Worst Casino In The Country

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  • Chinook Winds Casino Resort: Worst Casino In The Country

    WOW! How does this place stay open? Let 's back up a bit here. First, we didn't lose any money here. We actually broke even. Thats because of the 4 machines we sat down at we had to call for a slot technician to come pull our money out. The machines are broken. We then went to try a few hands at the tables. Have you ever heard of a sweat shop? Not much playing or fun going on here. It took the dealer 3 tries to count our chips back to us correctly. Maybe he was new, but we didn't want to take the chance of playing blackjack with someone who can't count. Then we thought we would get something to eat. We paid for the buffet. It smelled pretty good from the line. Big mistake...the food was all overcooked, dry, and it looked like it was from the day before. We asked for our money back and they said no. We left and will never be back. Did I mention how dirty it is in there. Our recomendation: Don't waste your time and money, just drive on by!

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