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Harrahs New Orleans: Parking Lot Break-In's / Muggings

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  • Harrahs New Orleans: Parking Lot Break-In's / Muggings

    While visiting the Casino last year with family members, we parked in Harrah's garage across from the Casino Facillity. We parked by the elevators within eye shot of where guests would be taking the elevator. After gaming a few hours during the afternoon we returned to our vehicle and found it broken into! Stolen was an indash GPS/Sirus Radio combo unit valued at over $2500 dollars! Advised both Harrah's Security and New Orleans Police of the incident, whereas both came to the garage and took reports, and N.O. Police dusted for finger prints and took their report for record. We were advised by both Harrah's Security and N.O. Police that over 8 additional break-ins had happened that day! Incident occurred during day on a Thursday. Owner of vehicle has not received any compensation from Harrah's for the break-in and will probably never see a dime from them.

    Sad commentary is, following that event I was taking my Uncle to Harrah's the next Thursday and while driving into Harrah's Garage was talking about the previous weeks incident and was going to show him where the break-in occurred on the third level of the garage. When getting to that level was met with N.O. Police cars at the same location my brothers vehicle was broken into. There were two vehicles side by side that were robbed and while driving up the next 3 levels counted 7 other vehicles that we seen with their windows busted out and trunks ajarred that had been vandalized!!! Stopped by one customers vehicle and he reported to us that Police were on their way to get his report, but was advised by them that more than 10 vehicles were reported broken into that day!!! Come on Harrah's!! The money your customers spend gaming in your facility should at least warrant decent Security measures within your parking facilities!!! After our experience at New Orleans Harrah's, we have been told and have read that daily muggings of customers and break-ins are common occurrences! Shame on the criminals, but more importantly Shame on Harrah's for continuing to let this happen to their customers. My family and I are of many now that will not be visiting your facility again. I did like playing at Harrah's, but like living safely and without worry when visiting gaming sites to play at. Other facilities we do visit have Security in place to help minimize such occurrences. Why not Harrah's??? Another note - My cousin, an elderly 80's customer, after gaming in the Harrah's Poker Room a couple of years ago, was leaving the casino about 1 a.m. on the Poydras Street side of the Casino when he was attacked and beaten up, robbed of his belongs and money right outside the casino's doors!!! Over 80 and thank God he was a Strong individual for his age to survive that attack. "Come On" Harrah's let's try and protect your most precious resource..... Your Customers!

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